Two Years of Portraits for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party

Julia Kay with Balloon Hat
Portrait of Julia Kay in Balloon Hat-Pencil on Paper

March 11th was my two year anniversary of joining Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. I completed 200 portraits using pencil on paper, iPhone, and numerous iPad apps, including ArtRage, Brushes, Inkpad, and Sketchbook Pro. It was a really great opportunity for me to experiment with the apps with each new portrait and try to get each portrait to look different. The group has grown to over 600 artists using a wide variety of media, from traditional oil paints to Etch-a-Sketch, name labels and a crochet quilt. Since joining I’ve met and drawn some of the members. There are meet ups going on all over the world and if I could I would love to hop on a plane and join them. Several of the members have published books of their portraits.

My last three portraits were pretty low tech, pencil on paper, but I want to stretch out and try some acrylic and pastel versions, along with more iPad art. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the members are doing and look forward to the day when a meet up come to my neck of the woods.


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