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Best of 2011

During Break at MobileArtCon 2011 (taken by Helene)

2011 was an exciting year of exhibiting my work, meeting and hanging out with some great artists and creating a lot of new work. Here are some of my highlights:


I was fortunate to exhibit my work in several exciting shows, including:

The Digital Canvas, Autodesk Gallery, San Francisco, California
Art From the IPad, Austin Details, Austin, Texas
Brush with Breakfast, Noo Cafe, Leeds, UK


    Mobile Art Con 2011

I got to hang out with some of my favorite mobile artists and I learned quite a lot from the various speakers.

    Apple Store at Tice’s

I was part of David Lebowitz’ talk and demonstration at the Apple Store.

    Tweeted by Celebs


This year one of my Inkpad drawings was shared by Pee Wee Herman on Facebook and Twitter. Jon Favreau also retweeted one of my tweets with a link to my blog post about Hipstamatic’s Cowboy and Aliens pack and I got like a gazillion hits (well around 2000 but who’s counting)

    Moo Contest

I was one of the winners of a contest held by Moo over the summer and I used the prize money to get some neat stickers and cards made up of my Inkpad artwork.

    Etsy and Tumblr

Over the summer I set up my Etsy store and started a Tumblr blog. Please check them out if you haven’t already.

    Inkpad, ArtRage and Sketchbook Pro

A lot of exciting art apps have arrived and I spent the last year learning the apps and trying to get out if my comfort zone. My top three favorite apps right now are Inkpad, ArtRage and Sketchbook Pro, and I often try to combine all of them together. I am working on a series of Bombshells and Kitchy icons, along with my continued work on Julia Kay’ Portrait Party.


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Portrait of Frida Sofia: Sketchbook Pro and ArtRage on iPad

Frida Sofia For JKPP

A portrait of Frida Sofia for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party.

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Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to my Flickr Friends

Wishing all my friends and blog followers a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2012!

A special thanks to everyone who subscribed, commented or “liked” something on my blog this year. Thanks to all the people who supported my blog or art in some way including Sam, Tracey, David Licata, David Leibowitz, Susan Murtaugh, Janet Vanderhoof, Julia Kay, all the members of IAMDA and my Flickr and Twitter friends who are just too many to mention here. Here is looking to a year full of creativity and inspiration!

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Hopeful Gratitude (and her cat) For JKPP

hopeful gratitude for JKPP

This is an iPad painting of Hopeful Gratitude for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party using Sketchbook Pro and ArtRage. A new discussion thread has started with portraits that include cats, so I want to start a few paintings to fit into that category. Sadly, I don’t have a cat to pose with (i’m allergic) but maybe someone can let me borrow one for a picture.

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Christmas in NYC and Instagram

Christmas in NYC

We always make a trip into New York to see the lights and decorations before Christmas. I was really looking forward to taking some Hipstamatic photos that day but because of the update the app was crashing without opening for a couple days. I decided to try out Instagram since I have been seeing so many people using it and posting pictures. I am not really using it to share photos yet because I already use Flickr for that. I have been trying out the filters and the blurring effect. It creates square photos like Hipstmatic but I kind of miss the element of surprise that you have with Hipstamatic, especially with the Random Shake.

The good new is that after about a week Hipstamatic released an update that fixed the bugs, but it makes me wonder what pictures I might have taken if it was working. Which photo app do you prefer, Instagram or Hipstamatic?


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Dig It Babe! Tribute to Roy Lichtenstein

Dig It Babe! (tribute To Roy Lichtenstein)

I created this picture for the Flickr group Mobile Artists Assigned Paintings. I have always like Roy Lichtenstein’s paintings so I knew that I would want to try doing a tribute. I “recycled” the Traci Lords in Crybaby picture that I did using Inkpad and used the HalfTone app to create the Benday dots effect and the various cartoony elements around her head. I googled Wanda Woodward Quotes for the text in the bubble since I haven’t seen Crybaby in quite some time. I’m thinking of doing a series of John Waters characters in Inkpad because they are so wonderfully retro and kitschy.

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Portrait of Lisa for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party: Sketchbook Pro and ArtRage on iPad


This is a portrait of Lisa for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on Flickr. I really liked her original photo because I thought the body language of the two people created a great narrative. It made me wonder – what is their relationship, is he bored, angry or transfixed by her? If the lights behind them were thought bubbles what would they be thinking?

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