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Artwork on Inkpad Site

Screenshot from the Inkpad Site

My artwork is featured on the Inkpad app site. You can see the full post here.  I have been using Inkpad since it first came out and I find that it’s one of the most user friendly apps I have used. It is a vector drawing app, but I also use it to create app mash ups with other apps such as Wordfoto, Picgrunger, Percolator and Sketchbook Pro.

Thanks to Inkpad for featuring my artwork and for their awesome app!

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Instagram Inspiration: @Poshadornments

This is a portrait of Heather, also known as @Poshadornments on Instagram and Twitter.  Heather makes incredible jewelry that she sells on her Etsy site and at various shows around the New Jersey/New York area.  I met Heather a couple of years ago at SketchCon and I try to buy a piece of her jewelry every time we are in a show together.  This portrait is an iPad mashup using Inkpad, Wordphoto and Sketchbook Pro on the Ipad.

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MDAC Summit 2015

Jo Kettlewell For JKPP
Portrait of Jo – Inkpad, Steampunk Tada app on iPad

I am happy to announce that my portrait of Jo for JKPP was selected for the MDAC Summit 2015 in Palo Alto, California. Only 100 pieces were selected from over 1200 entries. The show will be up through the month of August at the Palo Alto Art Center.

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Portrait of Olga: Inkpad on iPad App

Olga For JPP

This is a portrait of Olga that I created using the Inkpad vector drawing app on my iPad. I have started experimenting with drawing a black and white line drawing on one layer and then drawing the colors on a separate layer on top.

Olga For JKPP

This is the line drawing alone which I imported into Artrage to get the paper texture. I was experimenting with changing the thickness of the lines to give them more of a variety and weight.

After drawing the color version on the top layer I adjust the transparency of the line drawing so that it shows through the color layer but doesn’t overpower it. The two drawings have very different “personalities” even though they are of the same person.

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Portrait of Tammy: Creating an App Mash Up With Inkpad and Percolator

Rita Flores-art-Inkpad vector drawing-ipad app20.jpg

I created a digital portrait of Tammy for the Flickr group Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. I started the portrait using the Inkpad App. I wanted to give the portrait a unique texture so I used the Percolator app and used the “napkin” texture. In order to remove some of the circles in the portrait I imported the images into Sketchbook Pro and used the eraser tool.


The original Inkpad drawing


The Inkpad drawing as imported into Percolator


A screenshot of Sketchbook Pro showing the layers and erased portions


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I Dream of….Barbara Eden

I Dream Of....

This a portrait of Barbara Eden from the tv show “I Dream of Jeanie”. I used the Inkpad app for the drawing and ArtRage for the paper texture. I wanted to work more with mark making and lines and to focus more on the drawing. I started out wanting to use a minimal palette but colors kept creeping in. I was going for a retro look and I want to work with more transparencies and “not coloring within the lines”.

I was recently talking to someone about what we watched as kids before Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network came along. If you are of a certain age you grew up on reruns of I Dream of Jeanie, Bewitched, the Munsters and the Addams Family, to name a few.

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Self Portrait at Speakeasy Dollhouse

Self Portrait-art-Rita flores-Speakeasy Dollhouse

This is a self portrait from a photo taken at Speakeasy Dollhouse in early March. I used the Inkpad vector drawing app on the iPad mini. I am playing around with using my QR code as a sort of signature. In this picture I am drinking some of the “special coffee” from a teacup. I loved the atmosphere of the speakeasy, especially the antique furnishings. Below is a picture of an antique cigarette machine that reminds me of diners I frequented when I was younger. A special note about my dress – this is a Betsey Johnson dress that I bought in the 90’s and amazingly it still fits! I can say I really got my money’s worth on this dress.

Rita Flores-speakeasy dollhouse-art-Betsey Johnson dress

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Portrait of Regina Stargazer at Dr. Sketchy’s NNJ

Regina Stargazer - Dr. Sketchy NNJ-iPad-art

This is a portrait of Regina Stargazer from a Saint Patrick’s Day Dr. Sketchy at the Clash Bar in Clifton. This session featured the White Elephant Burlesque Society and had an Irish theme. Fortunately I was able to take pictures and I will be posting more of the photos and drawings as I finish working on them.

This is a portrait of Regina from the session using the Repix app and Artrage on the iPad mini:

Regina Stargazer-dr. Sketchy-art-iPad-NJ

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Tutorial: Adding Texture to a Vector Drawing Using Picgrunger and Sketchbook Pro

This is a portrait of Luli from Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on Flickr. In this portrait I added texture to my Inkpad vector drawing using the PicGrunger app. I used two different textures to get an aged, worn look to the portrait.


Initial Inkpad drawing


One texture using PicGrunger app


Second texture using PicGrunger app


I used the layers function in Sketchbook Pro on my iPad to erase areas that had too much “grunge”, especially on the face. I set the layers at different transparencies also to decrease the strength of the textures.

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Julia Kay’s Portrait Party 2012

Portrait party-2012-iPad-Art

In 2012 I continued working on portraits for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. I completed over 40 portraits using various iPad apps including Inkpad, ArtRage, Sketchbook Pro and Percolator, as well as using traditional media like pencils and acrylic paints. You can see more of my portraits here in this Flickr set. I’m really looking forward to creating more portraits in 2013!

List of artists portrayed: Emily, Hettie, Veterok, Aurora, Conxy, Anne, Hettie, Gina Marie and Julia

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