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Repix Update!

Regina Stargazer At dr. Sketchy NNJ
Digital collage of Regina Stargazer using Repix and Sketchbook Pro

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Dr. Sketchy NNJ drawing session at the Art Garage in Montclair, New Jersey. Regina Stargazer took some wonderful poses and had two beautiful Belly Dancer costumes. I was able to take some pictures with my iPad at the session and decided to use the newly updated Repix app to modify them.

The neat thing about the Repix app is that you can “draw” on the various filters, as opposed to apps where the filter is applied to the entire image. You have more control over where and how much of the filter is on the image. There are different effects, such as Magic Dust, Daubs, Drips and Scratches. There are also a variety of frames and filters to further modify the photo.

This is the original iPad photo without filters

This is a screenshot of Repix showing the different “pens” at the bottom with Magic Dust on her fan

The Repix version before adding Picgrunger and adding collage elements in Sketchbook Pro

You can add some very interesting textures to your photos with this app. But remember, the filters are a little like adding spices to foods. A little bit goes a long way and you don’t want to overpower the image with too much of a good thing.


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Sleep: Digital Collage Using 123D Sculpt and Sketchbook Pro on iPad


This is another digital collage using 123D Sculpt and Sketchbook Pro on my iPad mini. I used a Retromatic photo on the owl shape in 123D Sculpt and imported several different views into Sketchbook Pro. 123D sculpt is a very tactile app and its a lot of fun to use even if you have no experience working in three dimensions. Here are three different views of the owl with a blank background:




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Creating a Digital Collage Using 123D Sculpt and Sketchbook Pro on IPad


I started experimenting with the 123D Sculpt on my iPad Mini recently. One feature that I really like is the ability to give the sculpture a “skin” using artwork from your photo albums. In this picture I used an Inkpad/Retromatic portrait mashup and applied it directly to the head and owl sculptures. I took a photo of the two sculptures with an invisible background. I imported those two images into Sketchbook Pro using the layers feature. I also imported Hipstamatic iphotos of the rose, the two head vases and the magnetic poem. I used the erasure tool to cut out the various collage elements. The great thing about the layers feature in Sketchbook Pro us that you can move layers around and vary their transparency.


A screenshot of Sketchbook Pro with the layers open


Photo of head sculpture with transparent background


Owl sculpture with transparent background


Inkpad and Retromatic portrait



Hipstmatic photos

Apps used in collage: Inkpad, Retromatic, Hipstamatic, 123D Sculpt and Sketchbook Pro

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Portrait of Elizabeth Taylor: Inkpad and Percolator on iPad

Portrait Of Liz

This is a portrait of Elizabeth Taylor using the vector based drawing app Inkpad. I imported circles from a picture of a lighthouse I created using Percolator. I really like using percolator to create interesting textures. In this picture I wanted to keep the pallette very limited and was trying to use more black to give it a more of the feeling of a comic book drawing.


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Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman: Inkpad on iPad

Lynda Carter As Wonder Woman

This is a portrait of Lynda Carter who starred in the Adventures of Wonder Woman in the 1970’s. I remember watching the show as a kid, along with Starsky and Hutch and Charlie’s Angels. I looked up Lynda Carter on Wikepedia and found that she has an album out and she still looks fabulous!

I used the Inkpad app for the initial drawing and used PicGrunger to give it the aged look. I wanted to give it a stars and stripes theme so I used the Percolator app to add the white stars. I put everything together using Sketchbook Pro on the iPad.





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Tribute to Alex Gross for Mobile Artist Assigned Painting Group on Flickr

MAAP: 3:15 Alex Gross

This is a digital collage using Sketchbook Pro for the Mobile Artists Assigned Painting Group on Flickr. The subject that week was Alex Gross. I “recycled” my Betty Paige Inkpad drawing for this and used images from my photo library for the collage.
This is an example of why Sketchbook Pro is great for creating digital collages. You can work in layers and easily resize or move the images around the page. I also used Sketchbook Pro to create the colored shapes and text on a separate layer.

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Vampira: Inkpad and Sketchbook Pro on iPad


The other night I was searching for images of Elvira and came across Vampira and ended up watching lots of You Tube videos of her and reading her bio online. I had been aware of Vampira (I even have a t-shirt with her famous Plan 9 from Outer Space pose) but I really didn’t know about her history.

Maila Nurmi created the Vampira character and was the first tv horror show host. Her character was very campy and made fun of the horror movies that were featured on her show. If you are of a certain age you remember these types of shows growing up, and there were different hosts all over the country. I vaguely remember Zacherly and Wofman Jack having shows in the New York/Metro area.

I’ve found a lot of great images and videos of Vampira/Maila Nurmi, especially a quite surreal parody of the Honeymooners with Red Skelton and Peter Lorrie. There are also a lot of great interviews with her at the end of her life talking about how she created the character.

In this picture I used Inkpad on the iPad and added textures with PicGrunger and Steampunk PhotoTada. I used Sketchbook Pro to layer the textures together. I added in the skull and candles to give it a “vanitas” theme.

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