iPhone Art

Figurative iPhone Art


Stands in the Cathedral


Locked Out


Looking for someone to lead the way


We are floundering


Happily Ever After

IMG_0704The Poet Seemed Inspired


12 responses to “iPhone Art

  1. I really like your iphone art. Are you combining a lot of apps? I have tried brushes, but I am not sure how you can get work done in the other drawing apps imported into that one or vice versa. It seems each one is lacking a little something. Would you consider any tips?

    • ritaflores

      Thanks! Yes, i usually combine several apps such as Photogene, Brushes, and Layers to create the pictures. If you check out my Flickr stream i’ve listed which apps i used in the descriptions.

      I usually start with a picture I created in Brushes and then save it to my photos. Then if I use Layers I open up the last painting i saved to my photos and use that as the basis for the collages.

      There are several iPhone Art groups on Flickr that you can check out to see how people are using and combining the different apps.

  2. Hi Rita, I love your iPhone work. Its really experimental, but especially I like that you are open and descriptive about how you created your work. Its really helped me developed my own ideas.

    • ritaflores

      Thanks, Jane! I’ve been debating whether to give away too many “secrets”. One of my favorite things about creating iPhone art is looking at the other artists on Flickr and wondering “how they did it”.

  3. Wonderful work. I’m captivated by the way you mix dream-like fantasy with modern imagery. I’ve just begun working on the iPad (with various apps…brushes, artrage, adobe ideas) after a two- year break from any art. Used to work in acrylic-based mixed media. Lots of acrylic image transfers onto canvas.

    If you’d like to share technique…How do you layer in your text? Scans or photos or…?


    • Rita Flores

      Thanks! I usually scan text in from books or use scrapbooking sheets for the text, but you could also use iphone photos of text too.

  4. Really interesting work. Your work is very personal to you, and very compelling. It reminds me of encaustic, actually. Nice to meet you!

    I only use brushes to make my iPad sketches for my 365 day project. I do enjoy it as a more ‘traditional’ sketching tool, but you’ve convinced me to try ArtRage too.

    • Rita Flores

      Thanks! Nice to meet you too. I like using ArtRage with Brushes to add the textures to the picture. I’ve been using it for a few months but haven’t even scratched the surface of what can do. can’t wait to see what you do with ArtRage!

  5. Love your iphone art. Keep the Bettie Page images coming.

  6. Rita Flores

    Thanks! Yes, I’ll have to do a Bettie series soon.

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