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Irishishka – ArtRage and Brushes on iPad

Irishishka For JKPP, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

This is a portrait of the artist Irishishka when she was a young girl that I created for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on Flickr. I started the portrait in ArtRage and next imported it into Brushes to add the collage elements. The roses are Hipstamatic photos which I’ve made semi-transparent. I also used a textured surface behind her head to give the picture a more aged, worn look. I really like using ArtRage and Brushes together because they each have unique functions and gives it a more unique look.


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Red Sky: Hipstamatic and Picture Show

Red sky, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Another view from the parking lot taken with Hipstamatic and processed with Picture Show on my iPhone.

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Things I Love Thursday-A Little Bit of Christmas in January


Lush, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

This week my package from Lush arrived. They ran a special on wrapped Christmas presents so I ordered some things I might not have usually gotten, i.e. a Santa bath bomb. It was fun to open and right now I am keeping them in my studio so I can enjoy the scents while I draw.

Other things I’m loving this week:

ArtRage for iPad: I’m discovering new things about it every time I use it;

Photo Speak: one of the most fun iPad and iPhone apps I’ve gotten in a while;

-Oprah’s new issue on creativity which includes some prompts for boosting your creativity.

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Velocity Chyaldd @ David Lynch Inspired Dr. Sketchy’s

This is a digital collage using a pencil on Moleskine drawing and the Brushes app on the iPad. The original drawing was done about a month ago at a David Lynch inspired Dr. Sketchy’s at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC.

I’m really looking forward to this Sunday’s Tribute to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman with Stoya as Death, Johnny Blazes as Desire and Tess Aquarium as Desire. I think I will have to read Sandman to get up to speed befor the session.

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FGT: Sitting Pretty By Freebird4-ArtRage on iPad


FGT: Sitting Pretty By Freebird4, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

This iPad painting is for the Fingerpaint This! Group on flickr where we interpret a different photo each week using only mobile devices. I really enjoy this group because it helps me get out of my comfort zone and try new techniques.  Here is a link to the photo “Sitting Pretty” that we used this week by Freebird4 on Flickr.

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Lifestreaming: What is it and should I try it?


Parking lot, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Last week I read an interview on Gala Darling’s blog “I want to be…a Lifestreamer” with Jessica Mullen. I became intrigued with Jessica’s School of Life Design that she outlines on her site. From what I understand, Lifestreaming is documenting your creative life on-line, which I am already doing somewhat with my blog. I am still reading and digesting all the information, but thought this would be a good experiment to try. I will check back in a couple months to see how Lifestreaming is affecting my blog and my creativity in general,

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Wisteriax For JKPP-Toonpaint and ArtRage on iPad


Wisteriax For JKPP, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

This is another portrait for Julia Kay’s Party using the combination of Toonpaint and ArtRage. I really like the cropping used in Wisteriax’s original photo, and loved the image of the bird. Whenever i see images of Birds recently it always makes me think of Twitter.



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