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Wordless Wednesday

  View from Philadelphia Art Museum-Hipstamatic 

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Grounds for Sculpture


I visited Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey back in May. The sculpture park is a beautiful place to spend the day. There was a Seward Johnson retrospective going on which included some larger sculptures (like the Marilyn Monroe statue) which usually travel around the country. The colorful flowers and breathtaking landscapes make GFS a wonderful destination for taking photos and even plein air painting. Since the park is open all year long you can experience the sculptures in different ways as the seasons change. Some of the sculptures can be (gently) touched and interaction with the art is encouraged. Throughout the park are three dimensional reproductions of French paintings which would be a great way to introduce children to art history. There are also indoor sculpture galleries with rotating exhibits.

I would love to spend a leisurely day there drawing and taking pictures.


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Wordless Wednesday

Hipstamatic on iPhone – The view of New York City from Governors Island

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Tintype App by Hipstamatic 

I just discovered Hipstamatic’s Tintype App and I’m having fun experimenting with its different effects. I have been using the regular Hipstamatic app since it came out and love to use the endless combination of various lenses to create unique photos. I have been using the Tinto Lens and 1883 film (which give a tintype effect) when I am taking pictures at Steampunk events to give the portraits an eerie, otherworldly look. The good and bad thing about the Tinto lens is that you have no control over the tintype effects, so when the photo “develops” you are either pleasantly surprised or terribly disappointed.

The Tintype App is more of a photo filter which can be used on regular photos or used with the camera on the iPhone. You have more control over the filters, including the colors, the amount of distress of the film, the intensity of the eyes and the focus. Also, where all of the Hipstamatic photos are square, you have the option of using a rectangular or square shape.

I experimented with the app for a little while to quickly see what it can do. I took some selfies and tested it on some objects around the house. Surprisingly, the app made my eyes blue and a little more intense.


I can’t wait to go to more steampunk events and try it out.

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