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Percolate Your Selfie!

Percolated Selfie

I started playing around with the Percolator app again since the latest update. You can actually spend hours just trying out the various different combinations and get so many different looks. The above portrait was made with the Tripstamatic “brew”. I was happy with the way this one came out because the shapes did not overwhelm the face, and the colors were very surprising. Below is the unpercolated version (though it does have the moreBeaute2 app applied to it).


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Portrait of Polly Bland


This is a portrait of blogger Polly Bland from a photo on her blog “The Littlest Polly”. You can spend hours looking through the beautiful photos and posts on her blog. I love looking at her posts about her wardrobe and how she puts together her outfits. You can also visit her Etsy shop which has some amazing items.

Portrait of Polly-iPad-art-drawing-blogger6.jpg

The drawing on top was created using Inkpad and Artrage for the watercolor paper textures. The bottom drawing is the underlying drawing done in Inkpad which I left on a separate layer than the color layer.


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Digital Self Portrait: Inkpad on iPad

Self Portrait

This is a self portrait using the Inkpad, a vector drawing app on my iPad mini. I added in some collage elements from my photos and imported it into Artrage to give the picture a texture. I am always trying to find an avatar for myself that I am happy with. I have lost count of how many “selfies” I have done.

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Self Portrait: ToonCamera and Halftone Apps


This is a self portrait taken with ToonCamera and then edited with the Halftone app. I am thinking of creating a new avatar for use with various sites like Twitter and Instagram. I really like using ToonCamera and Halftone together because they really compliment each other. The result reminds me of a trading card. I will probably modify it to add my Twitter name, blog or QR code instead of the date.

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Creating An App Mashup Using The Popsicolor and Tooncamera apps

Popsicolor-Tooncamera-self portrait-mashu.jpg

I wanted to experiment with making a mash up using the apps Popsicolor and Tooncamera. I used Tooncamera to first make a black line drawing. Next I processed the same picture using Popsicolor. I imported the pictures into the Brushes app and used the layers function to combine the pictures. You can vary the transparency of each layer to make the lines in the drawing darker or lighter.


Screen shot of Brushes app showing showing layers

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Self Portrait with iPhone – ArtRage on iPad

Self Portrait With IPhone

This is a self portrait using ArtRage. I was sort of inspired by “What I Wore Today” posts that I see on various blogs but found that taking an iPhone self portrait in a mirror is a little more challenging than it seems. I have one of my Batgirl Moo stickers on the back of my iPhone and I’m still thinking of having a new case made up with one of my designs on it.

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Self Portrait with Betsey Johnson Dress

Self portrait with iPhone (wearing my fave Betsey Johnson dress)

I decided to take some quick self portraits before going to the Mark Mothersbaugh show at Blast gallery. I love this Betsey Johnson dress and wear it whenever I’m going some place fun or art related. I find that darkly lit rooms and the Blur Fx app is a good (and inexpensive) alternative to plastic surgery.

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Infographic Self Portrait (or More Shameless Self Promotion)

Infographic Self Portrait

I recently read a blog post about the Do’s and Don’ts of creating an Infographic and I decided I wanted to try out making a visual art resume. Since I am not a graphic designer I tried to create it using apps on my iPad. I started out with a self portrait created with Inkpad on the iPad. Next I used Strip Designer because I wanted to give it a cartoon feeling and the app has various “word bubble” shapes and different fonts to use. I decided to limit the information to my education, places where my work has been exhibited, and where you can find my work on the web. I also placed a QR code so that people with smartphones can find my site quickly. What other information do you think I should include?


I also made this second version by running the picture through PicGrunger. I like the way this looks like something out of an old comic book, but I think it is less readable than the first. I would like to continue with experimenting with infographics and will perhaps try to do several versions with different apps.

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Things I Love Thursday: More Moo Stickers and Mini Cards

Moo stickers

I’m really excited about the new Moo stickers and mini cards I just received in the mail this week! I’m trying out an assortment of my Inkpad images on the stickers and cards because I think my more graphic artwork works better on promotional materials. One of the things I like about Moo is that you can upload images from Flickr so you can constantly update your business cards as your portfolio changes. I also made a sticker of my self portrait with the QR code, and I was uncertain whether a smaller QR code would still work, but it does work! I will have lots of cards to give out at the upcoming Apple Store Event this Saturday and the Mobile Arts Conference at the end of the month.

I also will be putting new stickers in my Etsy store and will also include bonus stickers with all print orders, so stop by and take a look.

Mini Moo Cards

Mini Moo cards

My Self Portrait With QR code and the back of my mini cards

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Self Portrait With QR Code (Or Blatant Self Promotion Disguised as Art)

Self Portrait With QR Code

About a month ago I wrote a post about creating a QR code and how it was a lot easier than I had suspected. My next step was where to put this QR code so that it would be most effective in getting more exposure to my blog. I made up a round Moo sticker, but if I randomly placed it in different places would people scan it?

I decided to create a self portrait for use on a postcard that I could give out to people interested in my art. I’m planning on going to the Mobile Art Con in NYC in October and I’m already trying to think of ideas for business cards to give out. It was suggested to me on Flickr that I should print this out on canvas for an interactive artwork. I was thinking it would be neat to have a group show with artwork that incorporates QR codes. QR codes can be used for all types of links, such as videos, poetry, short stories or other artwork, so the artists could link so many different things to the artwork to enhance the experience. If you have any other ideas for QR codes please leave them in the comments.

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