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Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Spring Flowers

Hipstamatic iPhone Photo


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Things I Love Thursday: Cupcakes!

Peanut Butter Cupcake

We recently discovered BuCu, which has become our favorite cupcake place. They are sort of expensive but they are a special treat, not really something we would have every day. They also have a “cupcake” milkshake, which is another decadent desert. I would like to do a series of the cupcakes, which means I would get to try all the different varieties. This was done with Toonpaint and Artrage on the iPad. It was inspired by the work of Wayne Thiebaud. I really love his colorful and painterly pictures of cakes and other food.


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My Interview with Nomad Brush for Autism Awareness Month


A big thanks to the fine people at Nomad Brush for posting my interview for Autism Awareness Month where I discuss how raising a son on the Autistic Spectrum has influenced the way I make art.

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Portrait of Marta: Toonpaint and ArtRage on iPad

Marta B. For JKPP

This is a portrait of Marta B. for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on Flickr. I used a combination of the Toonpaint app and ArtRage to create this painterly look. Marta’s original photo reminded me of the covers of Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine from the 1980’s. I was also thinking of Wayne Theiboud’s colorful paintings.

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Mobile Artists Assigned Paintings: Tribute To Ming Doyle

MAAP: Tribute To Ming Doyle

This week’s subject for the Flickr group Mobile Artists Assigned Paintings (MAAP) is illustrator and comic book artist Ming Doyle. In a bit of Internet Synchronicity I had followed a twitter link to her site the morning before I saw this assignment on Flickr. My picture is from a photo I found on Ming Doyle’s Tumblr site. I wanted to do a black and white picture but somehow other colors just kind of found their way into the picture. Here are some of the various versions I did before getting to the final version.

Inkpad Version

Wordfoto Version

Halftone Version

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Wordless Wednesday

Living in the Light

Hipstamatic and Picture Show on iPhone

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Simply Adorable


A couple of weeks ago I was commissioned to create a portrait of Adora for the Adorable Tumblr featuring over 300 pieces of artwork based on photos and a Wish List of different ideas artists can work from. For my portrait I used Percolator, Wordfoto and Sketchbook Pro on my iPad.

This is such a wonderful project and I am really enjoying seeing all the imaginative art that is on the site. The artists are from all around the world and there is a wide variety of styles and materials used. I’m really looking forward to seeing this project as it progresses.

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