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Portrait of Lana Turner


This is a portrait of film actress Lana Turner using Inkpad on iPad. According to Wickepedia she was one of Hollywood’s first “Scream Queens”.

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Coffee @ Blast Gallery

Coffee @ Blast Gallery

Yesterday we stopped for coffee at Blast Gallery in Teaneck, New Jersey. In an earlier post I wrote about their sneak preview party which was also the opening of the Mark Mothersbaugh show, Rugs! Rugs! Rugs! This was a great chance to see the exhibit one more time before it closes and spend some time with the art. We shared a brownie and a blondie, which were eaten before I had a chance to take pictures. We plan on working our way through their menu with each visit, and look forward to trying some of their home made soup.

I took these iPhone photos using Tooncamera which was just updated to include some very cool filters. I really like this pen filter. I also used Strip Designer on the iPad for the comic strip.

A delicious cup of whipped cream (that didn’t last very long).

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Congratulations to Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on 20,000 Portraits!

Jane Sherwood For jKPP

This week I was the lucky artist to submit the 20,000th portrait to Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on Flickr (and my 188th portrait). This is a portrait of Jane Sherwood and her daughter created using ArtRage on the iPad. I was experimenting with using different brushstrokes and blocking out the color using larger shapes. I had watched an ArtRage tutorial on line and was trying some of the things the artist demonstrated. The challenge for me is that I am used to using acrylics and know how to thin the paint using mediums, but in ArtRage I start out with my “paint” a little too thick and have to find the right formulation. I also used the pencil brush for the thin lines and the pastel brush for scumbling the colors.

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Self Portrait with iPhone – ArtRage on iPad

Self Portrait With IPhone

This is a self portrait using ArtRage. I was sort of inspired by “What I Wore Today” posts that I see on various blogs but found that taking an iPhone self portrait in a mirror is a little more challenging than it seems. I have one of my Batgirl Moo stickers on the back of my iPhone and I’m still thinking of having a new case made up with one of my designs on it.

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Portrait of Andrea RX for JKPP

Andrea RX - Inkpad Version

This is a portrait of Andrea RX for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. Her original photo is in black and white so I decided to use a green and yellow palette. I did this version using Inkpad but also did a second version using PicGrunger and Sketchbook Pro.

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Self Portrait with Betsey Johnson Dress

Self portrait with iPhone (wearing my fave Betsey Johnson dress)

I decided to take some quick self portraits before going to the Mark Mothersbaugh show at Blast gallery. I love this Betsey Johnson dress and wear it whenever I’m going some place fun or art related. I find that darkly lit rooms and the Blur Fx app is a good (and inexpensive) alternative to plastic surgery.

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Growing up, did you….

Bettie Page And Lava Lamp

Growing up, did you:

Watch reruns of the 60’s Batman show and want to dress just like Catwoman or Batgirl?

Walk to the candy store to buy comic books?

Want to be like your favorite tv moms, Morticia and Lilly?

Spend Sunday afternoon watching old black and white movies? (The Bowery Boys, Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis to name a few)

Watch Saturday morning shows like Josie and the Pussycats, Scoobydoo and the Banana Splits?

Did you line up around the movie theater to see Star Wars?

Did you buy your favorite clothes at a thrift shop or Goodwill?

Did you eat Jiffy Pop, Pop Rocks or Pop Tarts?

Did you go to roadside amusement parks and county fairs?

Did you go on road trips listening to you favorite tapes? (8 tracks?)

Did you try to tape your favorite songs off the radio?

Did you visit record stores and spend hours looking at the album art?

Did you go to the Spencer’s at the mall to look at the day glo posters in the black light room?

Did you have paintings of children with big eyes in your basement?

What kind of things did you do or see as a child/teen that shaped your artistic vision? I find that my subject matter for my art always finds itself revisiting things that I was interested in during my youth.


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