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Instagram Inspiration: Scarlet October

Scarlet October

I have been on Instagram for quite a while now (you can find me there as Ritaflores) and sometimes I like to use Instagrammers whose stream that I enjoy for inspiration for my portraits. I really like ScarletOctober’s fashion sense and her bold make-up. This is a portrait using Inkpad and Wordphoto on the iPad. If you have an Instagram you would like me to follow please add your Instagram name in the comments.

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On My Easel: What I’m Working on Now

My easel: works in progress

I’ve recently started experimenting with printing on different types of paper and surfaces, as well as painting on the printed surfaces. I have an inexpensive Epson wireless printer so that I can print directly from my iPad. The artwork in the middle is printed on Strathmore Pastel paper with a textured surface. The tinted sheets are 80 pounds and go through the printer without getting jammed. They have a nice tooth for oil and dry pastel and I also find it nice for acrylic paint, even though it curls up a little. The smaller picture on the right is is also printed on the Strathmore paper and is painted with acrylic and gel medium. I think the textured paper gives the print more of a hand made feeling. In my recent show I exhibited work where I transferred the image onto boards and that was also a nice surface to work on. I am also beginning to work with collage elements and will post them soon. It’s very exciting because it’s taking me back to painting and I feel like the artwork will go to a new level.


Portrait of Christine-Acrylic on Canvas using image transfer film

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Portrait of Amy: Inkpad and ArtRage on iPad

Amy-portrait-iPad art-drawing

This is a portrait of Amy for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on Flickr. My favorite app combination right now is Inkpad and ArtRage. I tried to keep this portrait pretty simple, and made the planes more flat. I was thinking about the artist Alex Katz while working on this. Wouldn’t it be great to work on an iPad portrait and then have it blown up to a large billboard size?

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Portrait of Nora: Toonpaint and ArtRage on iPad


This is a portrait of Nora for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on Flickr. I used the Toonpaint app first and next I import a color and black and white image into Sketchbook Pro to make some adjustments. Next I imported that image into ArtRage and used the Crayon brush for the hair and the flat brush for the face.



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MobileArtCon2011: Sketchbook Pro Drawing From David Kassan’s Master Class

Drawing From David Kassan master Class At mobileArtCon 2011

This is my drawing using Sketchbook Pro at David Kassan’s Master Class during MobileArtCon 2011. This was my first time using the Nomad Brush on the iPad.

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MobileArCon 2011: David Kassan’s ArtRage on iPad Demo

David Kassan Demo @ MobileArtCon 2011

One of the highlights of the MobileArtCon last weekend was David Kassan’s ArtRage demonstration and master class. As I’ve mentioned before, ArtRage is the kind of app where you can use it for a year and not even scratch the surface of all the various tools and surfaces available, so I am always interested in seeing how other artists use the app. David Kassan started out his painting on a grey surface and used the airbrush brush to first lay in the larger area of color. The artists in the audience also worked from the model at the same and during the second half of the session David Kassan gave critiques on the individual works.

I found the way he built up the surfaces using the brushes and palette knife very interesting. He used a Nomad Brush, as opposed to a traditional stylus or his finger. I just got the Nomad Brush over the weekend and It really does emulate the feeling of painting with a brush. ArtRage and the Nomad Brush are a great combination and really compliment each other.

You can see a short Ustream video of David Kassan at the conference (and if you look closely you will see me in the audience).

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Things I Love Thursday: Imelda May

Imelda May

Last week I was driving home and heard this great rockabilly version of “Tainted Love”. I wasn’t sure who was singing so I looked it up when I got home. It turns out it was by Imelda May off her brand new album “Mayhem”. I had seen Imelda May on a tv special with Jeff Beck a while back, but I had never heard her on the radio before. I love her kitchy, burlesque inspired look. She looks like she might have been in John Water’s “Crybaby”. I can’t wait to hear the rest of Mayhem and I will keep an eye out for when she tours around here again.

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Portrait of Cia: ArtRage on iPad

Cia For JKPP

This is a portrait of Cia from the Julia Kay Portrait Party on Flickr. I am way behind on my portraits since vacation but I’m hoping to paint some new members soon. I am trying to get a more expressionist feel with my latest portraits. My one wish for the ArtRage app would be to be able to drip the paint.

On a sort of related note – the de Kooning exhibit just opened at the Museum of Modern Art. I’m really excited about seeing so many de Koonings under one roof. There is a great web site just for the exhibit which is very informative and a good way to get an intro to the work being shown.

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Portrait of Shirley: Inkpad on iPad


I created this portrait of Shirley McClaine as a demo for the IPad event at the Apple Store last week. I used a lot of pattern in this one because I wanted to demonstrate masking and using different collage elements that I keep in my photo albums. I like to scan in different textures to use on my pictures and I also use some of my Hipstamatic photos. I created a black and white drawing first to show how I add color and use the masks. I usually don’t work this way because I draw the colors in right from the beginning, almost in the same way I paint. I love the immediacy of Inkpad and the way you can make quick changes. The “undo” button is one thing you don’t have luxury of using in real paintings, and I have to say that I have become very spoiled by it!

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Retro Destination: StarLux Hotel in Wildwood, New Jersey

Starlux @ Night

Full Disclosure: I have not stayed at the StarLux Hotel yet, I have only admired it from afar. I’ve wanted to stay here since our first visit to Wildwood about 10 years ago. I try to get some pictures of it every time we go to Wildwood and this time I was lucky to get some night pictures. I love the retro architecture and the neon lights.

I would love to get up in the morning and look out at the ocean and the Wildwood Sign from the hotel. Will I get to stay at the StarLux next summer? I can just imagine the amazing photos I can take in and around the hotel. From pictures I’ve seen online there are lava lamps in the room – another great reason for me to go!

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