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Buttons McTavish 2 For JKPP: Digital Collage Using Brushes on iPad

Buttons McTavish 2 For JKPP, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Digital collage using Brushes on iPad. I had already done a portrait of Buttons McTavish but wanted to experiment with different textures and layers in this portrait. I really like the layers function in brushes because you can switch the layers around easily and erase or create transparencies of the layers.

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TiLT: Ray Davies – See My Friends

Portrait Of Ray, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

One of my favorite songwriters since high school has been Ray Davies. I saw the Kinks in concert back then and my love of his songs has grown since then. The songs are like great books that you’ve read and reread and each time you find different meaning in them. The songs evoke images of a different but timeless part of history. Every time I hear Waterloo Sunset it sends me to this mythic, romantic place. I feel like he has grown with the songs also, because on songs like “Days” when he says “thank you for the days” I feel like he really is thankful for the days in a deeper way than when he first recorded it. Ray Davies’ new album “See my Friends” features duets of Kinks’ songs performed with artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Mettalica, and Alex Chilton. On first listen the song that stands out for me is the title track, “See My Friends” with Spoon. Another standout is “Waterloo Sunset” with Jackson Brown.

One of my favorite albums of all time is Lola Versus Power Man, and this album has two songs from that album, “This Time Tomorrow” with Mumford and Sons and “Long Way From Home” with Lucinda Williams.

His last album, the Kinks Choral Collection has been a mainstay on my virtual “turntable” since I first downloaded it. It’s wonderful to hear all the different versions of his songs. How many artists can have their songs performed at different times with both a choir and Metallica?

I’m hoping that next time Ray Davies comes to the U.S. (with or without the Kinks) that I will be able to catch him in concert.


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TiLT Picture a Museum Edition: MoMA and the ABEXNY iPad App

Hanging with Hans @ MoMA, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Today is “Picture a Museum Day”. This is a photo from December taken in front of a Hans Hoffman paintings at the Museum of Modern Art. This painting was part of the Abstract Expressionism New York Exhibit which is open until April 25th. Before going to the show I found the wonderful ABEXNY app for my iPad. While it’s not the same as experiencing the show in person, this app enhances the experience both before and after you visit. The app includes videos of different techniques used by the abstract expressionists. Another feature I really like is the map which shows where different abstract expressionist art was made or are part of the history of abstract art. You can use the app to take a walking tour around New York and see the places that inspired the artists. I just loved this exhibit and hope to see it one more time before it closes.

David Smith sculpture @ MoMA

Detail of Joan Mitchell painting @ MoMA

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Portrait of Apellanizi: ArtRage on iPad

apellanizi For JKPP, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

This is a portrait of Apellanizi for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. This is an app “mash up” using Toonpaint, Brushes and ArtRage.

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Portrait of Dan: Toonpaint, Brushes and ArtRage on iPad

Dan Duffy For JKPP, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

This is a portrait I created for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on Flickr. For this portrait I tried something a little different. First I used Toonpaint to make a black and white portrait. Next I imported it into Brushes to add the colors. Finally I imported it into ArtRage to give it a more painterly feel using the oil paint brush and pallette knife. I really love combining various apps because you never know what the result will look like.

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Velocity Chyaldd @ David Lynch Inspired Dr. Sketchy’s

This is a digital collage using a pencil on Moleskine drawing and the Brushes app on the iPad. The original drawing was done about a month ago at a David Lynch inspired Dr. Sketchy’s at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC.

I’m really looking forward to this Sunday’s Tribute to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman with Stoya as Death, Johnny Blazes as Desire and Tess Aquarium as Desire. I think I will have to read Sandman to get up to speed befor the session.

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Lifestreaming: What is it and should I try it?


Parking lot, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Last week I read an interview on Gala Darling’s blog “I want to be…a Lifestreamer” with Jessica Mullen. I became intrigued with Jessica’s School of Life Design that she outlines on her site. From what I understand, Lifestreaming is documenting your creative life on-line, which I am already doing somewhat with my blog. I am still reading and digesting all the information, but thought this would be a good experiment to try. I will check back in a couple months to see how Lifestreaming is affecting my blog and my creativity in general,

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