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Catwoman: Inkpad and Wordfoto on iPad

Catwoman, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

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Forbidden Planet: Inkpad and Wordfoto on iPad

Forbidden Planet, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

I started this picture about a month ago when I first got Inkpad but wasn’t really happy with it. Inkpad recently had a major update so I decided to revisit it and add “Forbidden Planet” using Wordfoto.

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Yellow, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Hipstamatic iPhoto using the Bondi Hipstapak: Big Up Film and Watts lens.

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TiLT: To Walk in Gala’s Shoes For a Day

Gala Darling

I’ve been following Gala Darling’s blog for about a year now, give or take a month or two. In that time I have seen her photos from her trip to Paris, watched her walk down the runway at a Betsey Johnson fashion show and have loved all of her wonderfully colorful outfits. This week she posted a video of an interview that aired in New Zealand and it was great to see her in action and hear her talk about “being big in the Blogosphere”. I loved seeing Gala’s New York, watching her blogging in the middle of Times Square or visiting a Patricia Fields store. I’ve been to New York many times over the years but i would love to take a tour of Gala’s favorite places.

Every Thursday she posts “Things I Love Thursday” and invites her readers to submit links to their favorite things list. For the last several months I have tried to write my TiLT list and have found it to be a great challenge to not only think about what I love, but how can I relate it to my art or photography. I usually start thinking about it on Monday, but usually end up writing it on Thursday.

The portrait of Gala was created on my iPad using Inkpad, Wordfoto and Sketchbook Pro. I kind of hurried it along to have it done for this post, so I might end up reworking it. One of my new favorite app combos is Inkpad and Wordfoto. I’m just learning how to use Inkpad and with each portrait I discover something new about it. I’m just loving Wordfoto. It’s one of the more fun apps to come out in a while.


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Catwoman: Creating a Digital Collage Using Inkpad, Wordfoto and Sketchbook Pro on iPad


I found a neat new iPhone app called Wordfoto and I wanted to use it with an Inkpad picture I created. I used the words Meow and Purrr for the Catwoman theme. I thought the words were too overwhelming for the picture so I imported the Inkpad picture and the Wordfoto picture into Sketchbook Pro to erase or lighten the words. I think Wordfoto really works well with comic book related pictures. Finally I imported the picture to ArtRage to give it the watercolor paper texture.





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Oksusha2000 For JKPP

Oksusha2000, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Oksusha2000 For JKPP

I created these two portraits of Oksusha2000 on Flickr for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. I loved that the artist posted photos of herself as a child and I wanted to give the portraits a dream-like quality. I used ArtRage and Sketchbook Pro on the iPad for both of these portraits.


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Roses for a Sunday Morning

Roses, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Taken with Hipstamatic using the new Benhorst lens and Big Up film. This was taken at the Montclair Art Museum at the Art In Bloom exhibit.

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