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One River School of Art and Design


Today I took a quick trip to the One River School of Art and Design in Englewood, New Jersey. The school just had its grand opening in August and features classes in traditional art as well as digital art for children, teens and adults. I also visited the One River Gallery inside the school which had its inaugural exhibition “Two Rivers” featuring artists working in Brooklyn. The gallery is large and beautifully lit and will feature exhibitions by emerging as well as midcareer artists. I am really excited about and looking forward to all their programs and future exhibits.


A painting by Eric Inkala


The Reception Area


The Reception Area


The Art Studio where classes are held

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Los Straitjackets At The Turning Point

Los Straitjackets

Last night we had an amazing time seeing the band Los Straitjackets at the Turning Point in Piermont, New York. We arrived early and were able to sit literally inches from the band. I really liked the Turning Point because it is a very intimate venue and it has tables so you don’t have to stand for a couple hours.

In case you are not familiar with the band, Los Straitjackets play instrumental surf music and wear Mexican wrestling masks. We saw them a couple of years ago at Maxwell’s in Hoboken. Last night they did some new songs called “Space Mosquito”, “Bobsledding” and “The Brooklyn Slide”.
I brought along a sketchpad for the first time seeing a band and it was a different experience trying to draw moving musicians in a dimly lit room (and add in two beers). I will post the drawings tomorrow if my scanner cooperates. I took some Hipstmatic photos on random of the show and I want to use some of them to do some Inkpad drawings.


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Molly Crabapple @ #DIYdays in NYC


Molly Crabapple @ #DIYdays in NYC, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Yesterday I went to DIY Days at the New School in NYC to hear Molly Crabapple talk about her  “DIY Empire: How a little Art School Took Over The World.” Molly Crabapple is the creator and founder of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School which started in Brooklyn but now has branches all over the world. I am familiar with the history of Dr. Sketchy’s but it was interesting to hear her story and the inspiration for starting the group. One of the quotes from her talk was “When you have no money, you have to pay in other currencies. Imagination is one of them.” When you attend a Dr. Sketchy’s event you know that the circumstances around the event are once in a lifetime and may never be repeated again, i.e. a Japanese pole dancer posing with a monster from Kaiju Big Battel, or three beautiful models recreating scenes from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.  Through promoting the event on their website and social network sites they create excitement about these truly unique events. The audience becomes involved in the events by participating in the contests and posting their artwork on the group’s Tumblr site, as well as a Flickr group.

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Year in Review: Hipstamatic 2010 New York

Hipstamatic 2010: New York, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

2010 was my year of using Hipstamatic on my iPhone. One of my favorite aspects of Hipstamatic is the element of surprise. One is never sure of what the picture will look like until it finshes developing. 2010 was also a big year for going to New York. After about 10 years of visiting NYC very infrequently, this year I was all over the city, and visited Brooklyn for the first time. It was great to revisit some of my favorite places (and discover some new places) and see them through the various lenses and films of Hipstamatic. Here’s to more random shots for 2011!

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Moleskine Sketchbook Drawing From Dr. Sketchy’s Does Warhol’s Factory

Sketchy Blog.

This is a photo taken from the Dr. Sketchy’s blog of the Moleskines sketchbook that I won a couple months ago at the Dr. Sketchy’s does Warhol’s Factory.  The drawing is of “Marilyn with Canary Yellow Hair” and here is a link to another  iPad collage of Marilyn.  Drawing at Dr. Sketchy’s for the last nine months has really been a highlight of my year.  The models were always beautiful and the setups were always interesting.  I can’t wait to see what they have planned for 2011!

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Kali Ma @ Dr. Sketchy’s Presents The Apocalypse

Digital collage using pencil drawing from Dr. Sketchy’s Presents the Apocalypse. The model was Katelyn Foisy as Kali Ma (who also posed as Frida Kahlo a short while ago). Her entire body was painted a deep almost cereulean blue.

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Marilyn With Canary Yellow Hair @ Dr. Sketchy’s Does Warhol’s Factory

Pencil on Moleskine/Paintbook, toonpaint, phoster and Brushes on iPad.

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