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Things I Love Thursday: Moo Stickers on Poker Chips (or little tokens of appreciation)

Moo stickers on poker chips

The other day I found a box of Bicycle brand plastic poker chips in my house that I had originally gotten for “behavior modification” or a token reward system. I realized that the chips were almost the perfect size for my Moo stickers that I had ordered a while back. I put my vector drawings on one side and the QR code on the other. I thought they would be a fun alternative to giving out business cards or to include as a freebie with my Etsy orders. Also, I will send my little tokens of appreciation to anyone who makes a donation to my blog via my Paypal Donate button (see box to the right). Can you suggest any other uses for the chips?

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Things I Love Thursday: Dr. Sketchy’s Tribute to Aeon Flux and MTV’s Liquid Television

Aeon flux 2

My artwork was greatly influenced by MTV’s Liquid Television, so I was very excited about Dr. Sketchy’s Tribute to Aeon Flux. The amazing model, Legs Mallone, was decked out in spandex and had a great Aeon Flux inspired black wig. An inspiring playlist featuring a lot of spy related songs filled the Bowery Poetry Club.

There were some amazing prizes from Liquid Television! If you are too young to remember Aeon Flux you can check out the Liquid Television’s new site.

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Things I Love Thursday: Imelda May

Imelda May

Last week I was driving home and heard this great rockabilly version of “Tainted Love”. I wasn’t sure who was singing so I looked it up when I got home. It turns out it was by Imelda May off her brand new album “Mayhem”. I had seen Imelda May on a tv special with Jeff Beck a while back, but I had never heard her on the radio before. I love her kitchy, burlesque inspired look. She looks like she might have been in John Water’s “Crybaby”. I can’t wait to hear the rest of Mayhem and I will keep an eye out for when she tours around here again.

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Things I Love Thursday: More Moo Stickers and Mini Cards

Moo stickers

I’m really excited about the new Moo stickers and mini cards I just received in the mail this week! I’m trying out an assortment of my Inkpad images on the stickers and cards because I think my more graphic artwork works better on promotional materials. One of the things I like about Moo is that you can upload images from Flickr so you can constantly update your business cards as your portfolio changes. I also made a sticker of my self portrait with the QR code, and I was uncertain whether a smaller QR code would still work, but it does work! I will have lots of cards to give out at the upcoming Apple Store Event this Saturday and the Mobile Arts Conference at the end of the month.

I also will be putting new stickers in my Etsy store and will also include bonus stickers with all print orders, so stop by and take a look.

Mini Moo Cards

Mini Moo cards

My Self Portrait With QR code and the back of my mini cards

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Things I Love Thursday: Retro Travel and Hipstamatic

Wildwood Boardwalk

During the last week or two I have been reminiscing about past trips to Wildwood and looking at a lot of photos on Flickr and Wildwood discussion boards for inspiration for our next trip. One of the reasons I wanted to go to Wildwood last year was to capture the retro beauty of Wildwood through the Hipstamatic lenses. We are taking a short trip there again and I’m really excited about taking pictures because there are so many new lenses and films to use since our last visit. There are so many different aspects to focus on, such as neon signs, doowop architecture, the boardwalk and diners.

While searching Wildwood sites I found the RetroRoadmap blog. I love this blog because it has the same type of sensibilities that I have. It brings back memories of road trips with my family where we would stop at roadside attractions (like a house where water ran up hill) and buy fun things like apple head dolls.

Here are some old photos from last years trip that I hadn’t posted before:


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Things I Love Thursday: The (Real) New Jersey Shore

The Caribbean Motel

The Caribbean Motel in Wildwood, ArtRage on iPad

I recently read an article about how the Jersey Shore reality show has helped out the economy in Seaside Heights this summer. I hope that people who go to the shore get to discover other parts of the towns and beaches as well because each one has it’s own unique personality. I was reminiscing about all the different beaches in New Jersey that I’ve visited, and how the places I’ve visited have changed as I’ve gone through different stages of my life. This is a partial list of places and ages:

Sandy Hook – I went to Sandy Hook with camp as a child because it was a free beach and it was pretty low key

Asbury Park – I went there as a teen around the same time the Clash were playing at the convention hall and saw punks play mini golf

Seaside Heights – In college I went to Seaside because they had great bars and a fun boardwalk

Point Pleasant – Another fun boardwalk with Martell’s Tiki Bar where we used to get the best steamed crab legs

Avon – A very quiet beach that has quaint bed & breakfasts

Wildwood – Wildwood is where we have vacationed the last several years. One of the things I love about Wildwood is the Doo Wop architecture. You feel like you have stepped back in time as you drive by the neon lit retro motels that line the main strip. The Boardwalk is very family oriented and has a lot of the rides we remember from when we were kids. Last summer I took a lot of Hipstamatic photos of the motels and boardwalk and created some paintings on my iPad. Last summer we stayed at the Caribbean Motel and I loved the retro look. It had a magical, nostalgic feeling that reminded me of vacations I took as a child.


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TiLT: Having Fun With Moo Stickers

Moo Stickers

I just received my order of Moo stickers that I had made up with some of my Inkpad on iPad portraits. I thought my more graphic portraits would lend themselves to the stickers. I’m really happy with the way they came out, especially the color quality.

Now I have to decide how and where to stick them. I will send some stickers to the first four people who comment on this post. If you have any ideas about how I can use the stickers please feel free to post them also.

Moo Stickers

Moo Stickers

Moo stickers


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TiLT-My Favorite Blogger Edition: Elsie of A Beautiful Mess

Portrait Of Elsie

One of my new favorite blogs is A Beautiful Mess. I’ve started following various bloggers who do “What I Wore Today” posts (such as Gala Darling, The Dainty Sqid and Nubby Twiglet). I really love seeing the daily outfits that Elsie posts on A Beautiful Mess. Her outfits are fun, creative and wonderfully colorful. I think the beauty of the daily outfit posts (for me, amway) is that these are real people (not models) who are showing their creativity, not only in putting together the outfits but also in how they photograph themselves. If you have any Daily Outfit favorites please post them in the comments.

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TiLT: My Favorite Blogger Edition: The Dainty Squid


I just found Kaylah’s Dainty Squid blog just a little over a week ago but can tell that it will be one of my faves that I will check out regularly. The caption for her blog is “The Daily Life of a Crafty Cat Lady”. I really like her “What I Wore Today” posts and how she puts together her colorful outfits. I also like her aesthetic and choice of her thrift shop finds. A lot of the items look like things I had in my house growing up and brought back great memories. When I saw her photos with her blue hair I knew she would make a great subject for an Inkpad/Wordfoto portrait. I used a photo from one of her What I Wore posts from earlier in June and took the yellow flowers from a photo of her jewelry.

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TiLT: Breakfast at a Retro Diner

Jackson Hole Diner

Last week we visited Jackson Hole, an incredible retro diner located in New Jersey. I’ve been going there for at least 12 years, but had forgotten about it until i saw a fellow ipad artist’s painting of a tabletop jukebox. At the same time, another artist was looking for breakfast themed ipad art, so i decided that this would be a great opportunity to eat there again. Full disclosure-we had breakfast at dinner time. Thats the beauty of the diner-getting breakfast at any time.

The table tops had a great pink boomerang pattern. The selection of songs on the jukebox has not changed since i’ve been there last, including the Beatles, Monkees, the Stones and Lou Reed. We listened to Bobby Darren’s “Mac the Knife” and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I got some great shots of our plates of eggs and waffles as reference photos for my ipad paintings (and we split a hot fudge sundae for dessert). Here are two of my ipad paintings using Sketchbook Pro and ArtRage:

Toast And Jelly

Breakfast At The Diner

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