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Celebrating My Three Year Anniversary at Julia Kay’s Portrait Party!

Molly Peck For JKPP

March 10th was my three year Anniversary with Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on Flickr. I was one of the first members and now the group has 750 members and 31,586 portraits. I have made 241 portraits using the iPad, the iPhone, as well as traditional media such as acrylic paint and pencil. Because the group is always growing there are a constant stream of new artists to draw or paint. I have been fortunate to meet some of the artists in the group, including Julia, and there have been meet ups all around the world.

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Experimenting with the Glaze App


After seeing several other iPhone artists on Flickr using the Glaze app I decided to try it out. The app creates various painting textures, from thick impasto to more impressionist styles. You can also mix the different filters to create more personalized textures. I experimented with one of my Hipstamatic photos and two different Inkpad drawings. I also imported an image into Artrage to tweak it and add different brushstrokes and texture. I can already tell that this will be a great app for making app mash ups. Here are some initial experiments:



A Hipstamatic Still Life with different filters


An image that was imported into ArtRage onto a “Canvas” texture


An Inkpad portrait that was imported into Glaze


An Inkpad Self Portrait that was altered with Glaze

I’m really excited about using this with photos as well as my Inkpad drawings to give the images a more painterly feel. What is the next step-real paintings from the images? If you have any suggestions for other app mash ups please leave them in the comments.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

#makebeautiful close

Hipstamatic photo using Americana Lens and Ina’s 1935 Film

I took a couple days off of “stop and smell the roses”. I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked but wanted to be more in the moment. I love using the Hipstmatic Americana Lens for close up pictures because it has the blurred effect around the edges of the images, giving it a dreamlike quality.

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Portrait of the Queen

The Queen

This is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II created with the iPad app Inkpad. I created this for a show being held at West Ox Arts Gallery in United Kingdom. The Gallery has asked artists to submit portraits of the Queen for the celebration of her diamond Jubilee. I chose to do a portrait of the Queen when she was younger.

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Preparing for Michael Nobbs’ New Mini Course


This week I am very excited about taking Michael Nobbs’ new minicourse “Get the one thing a day habit”. I’ve been following Michael’s blog “Sustainably Creative” for the last two years and I’ve also been following him on Twitter. He also has some wonderful ebooks on creativity and drawing. I’m trying to decide whether I should do the course using pencil and paper or my iPad or I might even just switch off and use different ones each day. The minicourse runs from Monday, May 7 through Sunday, May 13 so if you haven’t signed up yet they’re still a chance to do so.


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Go Go Amy @ Dr. Sketchy’s NYC – Inkpad on IPad

Go Go Amy @ Dr. Sketchy NYC

This is a portrait of Go Go Amy at the Bowery poetry club from a Dr. Sketchy session a couple of weeks ago. Here are some drawings from that session.

This portrait was done using the ink pad app and then also using the ArtRage app to add the watercolor paper texture. I also added in some textures using PicGrunger and Halftone.

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My New Moo Cards and Thoughts on “Branding”

New Moo business cards

I just received my new Moo rounded edge business cards in the mail and I love how they turned out. I initially ordered 50 to see how they would look and I’m already wishing I got more. The good news is I can reorder as I run out. I really like the weight of the paper and how vibrant the colors are. They feel like small playing cards.

I have been thinking about “branding” and how to use it more effectively to promote my artwork. I have been using my vector drawings for promotional materials like cards and stickers because they seem to print well and I get good responses to the images. I have been placing my stickers on my Moleskine sketchbooks when I go to drawing classes and on my old iPhone case. What memorable cards or promotional items have you gotten that really stayed with you (and alternatively, what has gotten tossed?). I would love to get your feedback on your thoughts on branding for artists.

My Moleskine sketchbooks with Stickers and cards

Starlets, superheroes and scary movie queens

My new round stickers

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