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Dr. Sketchy’s NNJ Tribute to Toulouse Lautrec

Last night I went to Dr. Sketchy’s NNJ Tribute to Toulouse Lautrec at the Center City Gallery in Paterson, New Jersey. Last night was also the closing reception for the Dr. Sketchy’s NNJ Exhibit at the gallery. I had four pieces of my iPhone and iPad paintings from some Dr. Sketchy sessions at the Clash Bar during the summer.

This is an iPad painting using ArtRage of the model Bambi Galore. I loved the guitar sculpture on the wall behind her.


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Portrait of Apellanizi: ArtRage on iPad

apellanizi For JKPP, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

This is a portrait of Apellanizi for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. This is an app “mash up” using Toonpaint, Brushes and ArtRage.

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Things I Love Thursday: Living the Lush Life

Lush Life, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

One of my new favorite things are Lush hand made cosmetics. A store just opened near where we live around Christmas time and I’ve been trying little things out since then. I asked for (and received) a beautiful gift box on Valentine’s Day with a wonderfully scented assortment. My favorite item is the heart shaped “Soft Coeur” massage bar which is scented with chocolate and honey. Not only do they smell nice, but the colors are beautiful to photograph. They almost look good enough to eat!

Lush life

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Portrait of a Blogger: Jessica Mullen

Jessica Mullen

Portrait of Jessica Mullen: Toonpaint, Brushes and ArtRage on iPad

I am starting a series of portraits of bloggers who inspire me and my first subject is Jessica Mullen.  I discovered Jessica Mullen’s blog about a month ago through Gala Darling’s blog post “I want to be a…Lifestreamer“.  Since then I’ve been visiting her blog regularly and reading about how to become a lifestreamer.  Jessica has a very positive site and I like to check it out for inspiration and insights into blogging.  She also creates worksheets and you can see one of them here.  My painting is from one of her photos on her site, using Toonpaint, Brushes and ArtRage on my iPad.


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Wordless Wednesday: Portrait of Kasia B

Kasia B For JKPP, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Portrait of Kasia B for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party using Toonpaint, Brushes and ArtRage on iPad.

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Just Like Heaven – ArtRage Painting of Raquel Reed At Dr. Sketchy’s Does Valentine’s Day

This is a painting on the iPad using a combination of Brushes and ArtRage. I did the original drawing of Raquel Reed at Dr. Sketchy’s Does Valentine’s Day at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York. I took my original pencil drawing and first created a digital collage using Brushes and some Hipstamatic photos. Next I imported the collage into ArtRage and used the paintbrush function to give it a more painterly look than with just Brushes. I used the rough canvas surface and finally used the pencil function for the writing at the bottom. The one thing that I wish ArtRage could do is paint drips.  You can see the original drawing here, as well as one other drawing that I did at the session.

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Fun in HipstaLand: My Week With Chunky

Blue Sky

As I mentioned in my last post, this was a very exciting week for HipstaAddicts everywhere.  The Chunky lens was released for free along with the 200 update which brought a lot of great improvements.  Between going to Dr. Sketchy’s and Valentine’s Day, I took a lot of pictures with the Chunky lens, and with the Quicksta Snap I was able to take more pictures quickly without waiting for them to “develop”.  Here’s a look at my week through the Hipstamatic lens:


I stopped to smell the roses at Target

Penguin cupcake

Contemplated getting some Valentine’s Themed Cupcakes

New 'do

Got a new ‘do and color so that I can be more convincing when I lie about my age

Detail of Kenny Scharf mural on Houston St., NYC

Visited the Kenny Scharf mural on the way to Dr. Sketchy’s

At Dr. Sketchy's Does Valentine's Day

I drew at Dr. Sketchy’s Does Valentine’s Day with Raquel Reed

Lush life

I received some really wonderfully scented Lush bath stuff for Valentine’s Day


Testing Soho pack

I got the new Soho Hipsta Pak and tested out the Cano Cafenol film with Chunky

My thoughts on Chunky: I really like the colors and the light leak, even though they are a little on the red side. I’m looking forward to trying it out more with Cano Cafenol and Blanko Noir because they really give it such totally different effects. The Cano Cafenol has a unique frame and gives the colors more depth, while the Banko Noir seems to make the colors colder.

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