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A look back on 2009

Looking back at this year I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot with my artwork.  The year went a little like this (the condensed version):
I joined Twitter because I was curious about it.  I started posting some of my artwork that i made with iPhone apps.  Next I joined Flickr where I found so many creative people that inspired me to make even more art.   A piece of my artwork was accepted into the iCreated Gallery.  I started following @Kim on Twitter, joined her #Artwalk site and found more artists to follow.  I was the featured artist on the Just IPhone Art blog.  Lastly, I started this blog after months of debating whether I should, or even could make the time to update it regularly.  I am still in the process of learning WordPress and have been tweeking the blog as I learn how to do new things.
Along the way I’ve met a lot of wonderful people on Twitter and Flickr who have really inspired and encouraged me to keep creating.  I’m sending the best to all of you for this New Year!

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Week 43: Egon Scheile

Week 43: Egon Scheile, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Imagining what an Egon Scheile painting might look like if it was created using the iPhone App Brushes.  Created for the iPhone/iTouch painting on an assigned subject group on Flickr.


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Must be Santa…

Must be Santa…, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

I’ve been away from blogging and creating the last couple of days due to the holidays. Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and/or happy holidays!

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Self portrait with rose

Self portrait with rose, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

A digital collage created with Layers iPhone App.

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Tutorial: Creating Digital Collages using Layers iPhone App

A while back I had created a tutorial for creating digital collages with Sketchbook Mobile.  One of my favorite iPhone Apps for creating collages is Layers. When I first got Layers I was disappointed in it after seeing all the impressive artwork that other “fingepainters” were creating.  It took me about a month to really figure out how to use Layers.  I usually do a mash up of several apps when use Layers, importing artwork i’ve made from Brushes and Sketchbook Mobile.

In this collage I’ve used an abstract design I created in Sketchbook Mobile for the bottom layer:

I added some collage elements from photos I had taken and a Lotteria card:

Photo taken at Antique Store

Lotteria Card

I layered these elements over an old black and white photo that I tinted using a clear layer.

Lastly I added text from a book.  I Layered the images together and used the eraser tool to edit out parts of the pictures I didn’t want:

Screen shot of the layering process

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View from the walkway

View from the walkway , originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Created with Brushes iPhone App.  This is another view of Wildwood, New Jersey.

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Something Wild

Something Wild, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Created using Brushes iPhone App. The original photo was taken on the Boardwalk at Wildwood, NJ. I guess its the New Jersey shore’s version of the “Hollywood” sign. I really love this image and keep going back to it at different angles and different times of day.

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