Still Life with Lava Lamps, Oil on Canvas


Figure with Blonde Beehive, Oil on Canvas


Figure in Prussian Blue, Oil on Canvas


Figure with Fertility Symbol, Oil on Canvas

17 responses to “Paintings

  1. You are amazing… very cool!

  2. wow! really wonderful paintings!!! I love the blue one..

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  4. Hi Rita,
    Seems like I’ve mostly seen your iPhone work on flickr – I’m really loving your paintings!

    • ritaflores

      Thanks Julia! I’ve been painting for a long time, but the iPhone art has really opened me up creatively. I’m hoping to integrate what i’m doing with the iPhone into my paintings soon.

  5. vince czyz

    Hi Rita.

    i wanna see more work!


    • Rita Flores

      Hi Vince! I’ve been doing mostly digital “painting” but hope to be getting back real painting soon. Hope all is well with you.

  6. My favorite on this page is the Prussian blue painting. The limited spectrum of colors appeals to me. Also, the woman’s face is very nice.

  7. Rita-
    Wow, this is a marvelous self portrait. Whether using the finger or trhe brush, you are an excellent painter. Bravo!


  8. I love you style in painting. Its very intresting. and I love your choice of colors. very calm paintings. they are amazing!

  9. Tom Penso

    Rita- We worked together 1000 years ago and your artwork is still amazing. So happy to have found your page. I subscribed for updates. Keep up the amazing work- Tom

    • Rita Flores

      Wow! Hope all is well with you! I’ve lost touch with everyone from Pearl but the last two people I had seen were Rob Schultz and Bill Denoyle, probably about 10 years ago. Those were fun times!



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