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World Famous Pontani Sister With Roses

Pontani Sister With Roses, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Brushes on Ipad. Created using one of my friend David Licata’s photos from the recent Los Straitjackets concert in NYC.

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Thanks to Haute Macabre for the Molly Crabapple Dirtee Hollywood Tees

Last week I won three Molly Crabapple Dirtee Hollywood tees from I love them all but especially love the one pictured that I’m wearing here.

My youthful studio assistant, Eric, tried to help me with the photos but as you can see they came out a little dark.  To see better quality pictures of Molly Crabapple’s tees modeled by “glamorous vixens”, here is a link to a post about the Dirtee Hollywood Party at the Atrium from Molly Crabapple’s site.

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Dr. Sketchy, Andy Warhol and Work of Art at the Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Hipstamatic iphoneography.

Last weekend I attended a special Dr. Sketchy’s Tribute to Andy Warhol at the Brooklyn Museum.

I took part in the Creative Art Making program held in the sun drenched Rubin Glass Pavillion. The models, Dame Cuchifrita and Delysia La Chatte, channelled Andy Warhol’s Superstars. The models posed separately on two stages and the artists sat around the stages, creating a theater in the round atmosphere. It was perhaps one of the most visually striking atmospheres I have drawn in. Molly Crabapple drew at an easel and demonstrated some of her techniques during the breaks. They played some of my favorite music, including David Bowie, Bob Dylan and the Velvet Underground.

After the drawing session I took a quick look at the Andy Warhol Exhibit. The exhibit focused on his later work. One of the highlights for me was the Last Supper painting which I’ve only seen in print. There was also a wall of Interview magazine covers which brought back memories of college and cutting out the pictures to decorate our dorm room.

I exited the exhibit into the obligatory gift shop. From the gift shop I could hear what sounded like a huge crowd of people. As I walked out I saw that the crowd was there for the Work of Art exhibit for the winner Abdi Farah. As I scanned the crowd I noticed several of the cast members/Artists in attendance. I took a quick walk around the crowd and then headed toward the elevator. I took the elevator down to the first floor with one of the artists from the show, and wanted to ask him what he thought of the whole experience, but chickened out.

Upon leaving the museum I reflected on the irony of the various events going on at the same time, Andy and the whole 15 minutes of fame during this digital age. What would he have thought of Work of Art and their process for picking a winner?

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Erica Hastings For JKPP

Erica Hastings For JKPP, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Brushes on iPad for Julia Kay’s portrait party.

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Pee-wee Herman At Sturgis (I’m a loner Dottie…a rebel)

A painting created on my iPad using Brushes.

I created this iPad painting using one of Pee-Wee Herman’s pictures from his Facebook Fan page.  Pee-Wee was part of the Sturgis Motorcycle Ralley and was slated to participate in various charity events and host what was billed as the world’s largest “Tequila dance” to the tune of the 1958 instrumental by the Champs.   I posted this image on my Flickr page and sent it to Pee-wee Herman via twitter, who in turn posted it on his FB Fanpage.  It got like a Gazillion hits (exageration) thanks to all of his FB fans (and thank you Pee-Wee).

I had started to follow Pee-Wee Herman on Twitter and visited his new website.   I was thinking about how the Pee-Wee’s Playhouse show had influenced my artwork early on because of the bright colors, the retro/kitchy decorations, and the artwork of Gary Panter.  I realized that the outside of the Playhouse had two lava lamps as columns and wondered if that was one of the reasons I had started to like lava lamps in the first place.  How many images stay with us through out our lives without us really being cognizant of where they first came from?  What types of non-art images left a lasting impression on you and still influence your art?

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Los Straitjackets and the Pontani Sisters

Los Straitjackets, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

My friend David Licata went to see Los Straitjackets with the Pontani Sisters in NYC last week and took took some great photos. I modified some of the photos using the Brushes app on my iPad. Los Straitjackets describe themselves as “America’s Instrumental Rock & Roll Combo”. Here is a link to one of their videos.

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Min’e – An iPad painting for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party

Min’e, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Created with Brushes for iPad. I’ve been experimenting with different textures and using the layers in Brushes.


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