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Steampunk Ladies at International Steampunk City

Three Beautiful Steampunk Ladie
Three Beautiful Steampunk Ladies

A little over a month ago I went to the International Steampunk City at Speedwell. I took some Hipstamatic photos on my iPad of some of the wonderfully costumed ladies at the event. One aspect I love about Steampunk is it embraced by people of all ages, from small children to more mature adults. It’s fun to see how each age group interprets Steampunk in their own way.

Steampunk Girl
Steampunk Girl

Steampunk Robot Girl
Steampunk Robot Girl

I loved the way this girl combined science fiction and Steampunk with her Robot Girl! I am amazed by the imagination that is put into their looks.



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Dr. Sketchy's Tribute to Doctor Who

This is a drawing from Dr. Sketchy’s Tribute to Doctor Who in New York. This session was about two years ago, before I was even familiar with the series. Thanks to Netflix I’ve been getting caught up with a couple older seasons. Who is your favorite Doctor?

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Portrait of Adrienne Rose: Inkpad on iPad

Adrienne Rose

This is a quick sketch of Adrienne Rose for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. I used the Inkpad Vector drawing app on the iPad and imported the drawing into ArtRage for the texture. I really liked the colors in her original photo because they were quite different from my usual palette.

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Portrait of Holly Ween of White Elephant Burlesque Society

Holly Ween Of White Elephant Burlesque Society

This is a portrait of Holly Ween of White Elephant Burlesque Society. The photo was taken with my iPad at their performance at The International Steampunk City in Speedwell. I loved the whole troupe’s performances, but a highlight was Holly Ween in this costume. I used the Repix app to add texture and a painterly feel to the picture. I will be posting more photos from their performances soon.

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Steampunking in Speedwell

A special thanks to Craig Kupiec for taking this photo in Speedwell, New Jersey.

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Happy Sunday


Happy Sunday! Enjoy the day! Eat a cupcake. Read a book. Hug a loved one. Stay in bed. Meditate. Listen to your favorite record. Look at the leaves. How will you spend the day?

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SketchCon 3!!!

SketchCon 2013

I was fortunate to be part of SketchCon 3 at CrossFit Act in Saddle Brook, New Jersey. This was my second time exhibiting at SketchCon and this event was jam packed with even more amazing artists and crafts persons than the last one. SketchCon gets bigger and better with each event! Many of the artists and attendees dressed in Halloween costumes which gave the event an fun, Halloween vibe. There were make up artists doing day of the dead inspired face painting and several food trucks. My only regret was that I couldn’t get around to all the tables to see everyone’s artwork. A special thanks to Nolenz Volenz, whose work you can see behind me in this picture, and Ida for the pep talk.

View of my table

Organizer of the event, Christian Masot, live painting

Artist Sara Woolley in costume

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