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Portrait of Fiona: Inkpad and Artrage on iPad


This is a portrait of Fiona for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. I used the vector drawing app Inkpad and added Artrage for texture. I loved her shawl and the flowers on her hair and they reminded me of Frida Kahlo and Matisse’s paper cut outs.

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Wordless Wednesday

Hipstamatic photo

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Sleep: Digital Collage Using 123D Sculpt and Sketchbook Pro on iPad


This is another digital collage using 123D Sculpt and Sketchbook Pro on my iPad mini. I used a Retromatic photo on the owl shape in 123D Sculpt and imported several different views into Sketchbook Pro. 123D sculpt is a very tactile app and its a lot of fun to use even if you have no experience working in three dimensions. Here are three different views of the owl with a blank background:




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Experimenting with the Glaze App


After seeing several other iPhone artists on Flickr using the Glaze app I decided to try it out. The app creates various painting textures, from thick impasto to more impressionist styles. You can also mix the different filters to create more personalized textures. I experimented with one of my Hipstamatic photos and two different Inkpad drawings. I also imported an image into Artrage to tweak it and add different brushstrokes and texture. I can already tell that this will be a great app for making app mash ups. Here are some initial experiments:



A Hipstamatic Still Life with different filters


An image that was imported into ArtRage onto a “Canvas” texture


An Inkpad portrait that was imported into Glaze


An Inkpad Self Portrait that was altered with Glaze

I’m really excited about using this with photos as well as my Inkpad drawings to give the images a more painterly feel. What is the next step-real paintings from the images? If you have any suggestions for other app mash ups please leave them in the comments.

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Portrait of Francesca: Inkpad and ArtRage on iPad

Francesca For JKPP

This is a portrait of Francesca for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on Flickr. For this portrait I used the vector drawing app Inkpad. I imported the drawing into ArtRage to give it the “watercolor paper” texture and to give a more hand-made feeling. I wanted to keep this one simple and a little cartoony. I loved her hat and the shape red scarf made.

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Creating a Digital Collage Using 123D Sculpt and Sketchbook Pro on IPad


I started experimenting with the 123D Sculpt on my iPad Mini recently. One feature that I really like is the ability to give the sculpture a “skin” using artwork from your photo albums. In this picture I used an Inkpad/Retromatic portrait mashup and applied it directly to the head and owl sculptures. I took a photo of the two sculptures with an invisible background. I imported those two images into Sketchbook Pro using the layers feature. I also imported Hipstamatic iphotos of the rose, the two head vases and the magnetic poem. I used the erasure tool to cut out the various collage elements. The great thing about the layers feature in Sketchbook Pro us that you can move layers around and vary their transparency.


A screenshot of Sketchbook Pro with the layers open


Photo of head sculpture with transparent background


Owl sculpture with transparent background


Inkpad and Retromatic portrait



Hipstmatic photos

Apps used in collage: Inkpad, Retromatic, Hipstamatic, 123D Sculpt and Sketchbook Pro

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Digital Self Portrait: Inkpad on iPad

Self Portrait

This is a self portrait using the Inkpad, a vector drawing app on my iPad mini. I added in some collage elements from my photos and imported it into Artrage to give the picture a texture. I am always trying to find an avatar for myself that I am happy with. I have lost count of how many “selfies” I have done.

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