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Molly Crabapple’s Shell Game Opening in NYC

Rita Flores-Molly Crabapple-shell game-art-NYC

Last weekend I was really fortunate to attend the Kickstarter backer opening for Molly Crabapple’s Shell Game Exhibit in NYC. The exhibit was successfully funded through Kickstarter last year, and as one of the backers I was able to see updates of the artwork as they progressed. It was amazing to see all the completed paintings hanging in the gallery along with the watercolor studies. The paintings were very detailed and had beautifully painted surfaces. You can read more about the exhibit and its origins in this Rolling Stone article.

The opening had a performance by Kim Boekbinder (who has also successfully Kickstarted a concert tour). It also featured Stoya in a bath tub bathing in Molly’s one million dollar bills.

It is really exciting to see how Molly Crabapple is using Kickstarter to change the way artists are interacting with their audience and working outside of the gallery system. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she does next.





Kim Boekbinder-shell game-NYC-art

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SketchCon 2013!!!


Over the weekend I was part of SketchCon 2013 at the Whiskey Cafe in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. I had a table and I was showing some of my prints, stickers and magnets. I decided to show my more “pop” work, mainly my inkpad drawings. It was a great way to see how people react to the work. In addition to showing my work, it was a great opportunity to meet some other local artists and network a little bit. Some of the artists and exhibitors there were Christian Massot (who organized the event), Nolenz Volenz, PoshAdornments, Blick Art Materials, The Art Garage and Zapp Comics. There were so many people that i didn’t get cards for, so If you were there please leave a comment with a link to your website.


Some of my digital prints


A view of the table


The stage area with Cristian Massot’s artwork

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On My Easel: What I’m Working on Now

My easel: works in progress

I’ve recently started experimenting with printing on different types of paper and surfaces, as well as painting on the printed surfaces. I have an inexpensive Epson wireless printer so that I can print directly from my iPad. The artwork in the middle is printed on Strathmore Pastel paper with a textured surface. The tinted sheets are 80 pounds and go through the printer without getting jammed. They have a nice tooth for oil and dry pastel and I also find it nice for acrylic paint, even though it curls up a little. The smaller picture on the right is is also printed on the Strathmore paper and is painted with acrylic and gel medium. I think the textured paper gives the print more of a hand made feeling. In my recent show I exhibited work where I transferred the image onto boards and that was also a nice surface to work on. I am also beginning to work with collage elements and will post them soon. It’s very exciting because it’s taking me back to painting and I feel like the artwork will go to a new level.


Portrait of Christine-Acrylic on Canvas using image transfer film

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Write Up of The Whimsical and Macabre Exhibit


The Whimsical and Macabre Exhibit at the Grassy Noel Gallery will be ending in the next two days but I was fortunate to get a write up in our local paper and online here. The Gallery will also be sponsoring a collaborative art event this week and I will be posting some thoughts and pictures from the event in a couple of days.

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Portrait of Amy: Inkpad and ArtRage on iPad

Amy-portrait-iPad art-drawing

This is a portrait of Amy for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on Flickr. My favorite app combination right now is Inkpad and ArtRage. I tried to keep this portrait pretty simple, and made the planes more flat. I was thinking about the artist Alex Katz while working on this. Wouldn’t it be great to work on an iPad portrait and then have it blown up to a large billboard size?

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Golden Audrey

I am working on a new series based on my ink pad drawings. I am using a special transfer method to apply the images to the canvas or board. After that I coat the image with an acrylic medium glaze and gold acrylic paint. I am using the ink pad image as an underpainting and keeping some of the image showing while I’m glazing over certain parts. These paintings are influenced by Russian icons and Klimt’s paintings.

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Portrait of Jane – Acrylic on Board

Jane - painted version

This is an acrylic painting based on an Inkpad drawing that I created on my iPad. I printed the image and transferred it onto a 5 x 7 inch Aquabord by Ampersand. I used an acrylic varnish by Golden on the image to use it as the “underpainting”. I worked on this painting without looking at my original drawing for reference. For my next painting I will try to photograph the steps so that I can create a tutorial.

Jane ForJKPP

Inkpad drawing created on iPad

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