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Pictures of Lily: Inkpad Vector Drawing

Pictures Of Lily

I created this iPad drawing of Lily Munster for the Mobile Artists Assigned Painting group on Flickr. The theme was book covers and I wanted to emulate the look of an old paperback book that you might find at a garage sale. The title was inspired by the old Who song that I had on a greatest hits compilation.

Lily Munster was portrayed by the beautiful actress Yvonne De Carlo, a film star whose credits include The Ten Commandments. Along with Morticia of the Addams Faimly, Lily was one of my favorite tv moms.


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Things I love Thursday: The Popsicolor App

I have been enjoying experimenting with the new Popsicolor app on my iPhone. The app emulates the look of a very colorful watercolor painting on textured paper. The app is made by the same people who make Percolator, one of my favorite apps.

The colors have flavors for names, such as Cotton Candy, cola and lime. I have been trying out mash ups with other apps such as Pixlromatic+ and Snapseed. This is a fun app because you can get a variety of different looks by changing the “focus” or using various color combinations. I think it works best with photos with high contrast. For these pictures I used a photo from my trip to Wildwood, New Jersey.




Popsicolor and Pixlromatic+


Popsicolor and Snapseed

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Wordless Wednesday: Popsicolor Flower

Popsicolor flowers

iPhone photo processed with Popsicolor app


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Forever Jane: Inkpad and Sketchbook Pro on iPad

Forever Jane

I made this portrait of Jane Russell for the Mobile Artists Assigned Painting group on Flickr. This week’s assignment was an imaginary book cover. I was thinking of dime store novels from the 1950’s. I did the initial portrait in Inkpad and next used PicGrunger for the texture. I used Sketchbook Pro to combine the two versions and to create the text.


PicGrunger version

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Creating an Aged Drawing with Pixlromatic+

Portrait of Regina (grunge version)

This is a drawing of Regina Stargazer from the Dr. Sketchy NNJ session at Blick Art Supplies. Even though Pixlromatic+ is a photo editing app I like to use it on my drawings to give them an antique or aged look. The version above combines Pixlromatic+ and PicGrunger.

Regina-Stargazer-Dr Sketchy-drawing.jpg

Pixlromatic+ version using Karen filter and Tiny frame

Regina-Stargazer-dr. Sketchy-drawing.jpg

Original pencil on paper drawing

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Wordless Wednesday: Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima

iPhone photo using Pixlromatic+ of Our Lady of Fatima traveling statue taken in Hackensack, New Jersey.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

#makebeautiful close

Hipstamatic photo using Americana Lens and Ina’s 1935 Film

I took a couple days off of “stop and smell the roses”. I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked but wanted to be more in the moment. I love using the Hipstmatic Americana Lens for close up pictures because it has the blurred effect around the edges of the images, giving it a dreamlike quality.

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