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Things I Love Thursday: The Polyphonic Spree


Last week I was fortunate to see the group the Polyphonic Spree at Webster Hall in New York City. I had seen them several years ago opening up for David Bowie and since then I’ve seen them every time they’ve come to New York.
They are one of my favorite live bands and their concerts are transformative and full of positive energy. I had wanted to get the newest iPhone before the concert so I could try out the camera with the flash. We arrived early and we were pretty close to the stage. As you can see from the pictures the group is wearing choir gowns with hearts sewn on them.

One of the highlights of the show for me was their rendition of the Who’s Tommy medley. At the last concert tour several years ago they did a show of all covers. One of my favorite covers at that show was Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”. Another highlight was a song called “2000 Paces” where they sing: you got to be good, you got to be strong, you gotta be 2000 places at once”. You can hear a version of it on a live recording on NPR Music.

The band was recording a future live album during the concert which I’m really excited about. You can see more photos from the show on the Brooklyn Vegan website.





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Lt. Uhura of Star Trek: Inkpad on iPad


I created a portrait of Lt. Uhura from Star Trek using Inkpad and PicGrunger. I worked a little differently this time because I imported the PicGrunger version into Inkpad and used version that with the masking tool to add texture to the shapes. I usually use Sketchbook Pro to combine the different versions and then erase what I don’t want. The one biggest challenge is making sure the sizes of the Inkpad and PicGrunger version are exactly the same so everything lines of properly.


Inkpad Version


PicGrunger Version using the creased filter


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Raquel Reed @ Dr. Sketchy NYC

Raquel Reed @ Dr. Sketchy NYC

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Dr. Sketchy NYC session at the Bowery Poetry Club featuring Raquel Reed. Raquel Reed is a burlesque performer who is also a musician and pinup model. She wore fabulous vintage outfits for her session. The colors were amazing, especially on the turquoise blue fur that she wore. I had drawn her last year in a special Valentines Day session and have been following her on Twitter and Facebook since then. In addition to her modeling she is also a make up artist for MAC cosmetics. I recently found out that she works at the MAC counter near where I live and I’m hoping to book her for a make up lesson to get a “vamp” look.


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Stopping To Smell The Daisies

Beautiful afternoon

I spent some time relaxing (and playing) at a local park over the weekend. There was a field of wild daisies so we stopped to take some pictures. This was taken with Hipstamatic and processed with Pixlromatic+. I just added that app on Friday and I’m looking forward to experimenting with it.

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Portrait of Emily: Inkpad on iPad

Portrait of Emily: Inkpad on iPad

This is a portrait of Emily for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party using the vector app Inkpad. I was focusing on using more linear elements on this drawings, especially in the necklace.

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Wordless Wednesday

A rose by any other name...

Hipstmatic iPhone photo using the Loftus lens and DC film

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Portrait of the Queen

The Queen

This is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II created with the iPad app Inkpad. I created this for a show being held at West Ox Arts Gallery in United Kingdom. The Gallery has asked artists to submit portraits of the Queen for the celebration of her diamond Jubilee. I chose to do a portrait of the Queen when she was younger.

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Preparing for Michael Nobbs’ New Mini Course


This week I am very excited about taking Michael Nobbs’ new minicourse “Get the one thing a day habit”. I’ve been following Michael’s blog “Sustainably Creative” for the last two years and I’ve also been following him on Twitter. He also has some wonderful ebooks on creativity and drawing. I’m trying to decide whether I should do the course using pencil and paper or my iPad or I might even just switch off and use different ones each day. The minicourse runs from Monday, May 7 through Sunday, May 13 so if you haven’t signed up yet they’re still a chance to do so.


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Go Go Amy @ Dr. Sketchy’s NYC – Inkpad on IPad

Go Go Amy @ Dr. Sketchy NYC

This is a portrait of Go Go Amy at the Bowery poetry club from a Dr. Sketchy session a couple of weeks ago. Here are some drawings from that session.

This portrait was done using the ink pad app and then also using the ArtRage app to add the watercolor paper texture. I also added in some textures using PicGrunger and Halftone.

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Wordless Wednesday


Hipstamatic photo taken with my iPhone


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