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Best of 2012: Dr. Sketchy

During 2012 I had the opportunity to draw some really fantastic models at Dr. Sketchy’s in New York and New Jersey. Here are some of the highlights:


Raquel Reed At Dr. Sketchy NYC. (I was also fortunate to have her do my make up at a local MAC counter in New Jersey.)


Go Go Amy At Dr. Sketchy NYC


Regina Stargazer and Viktor Devonne At Dr. Sketchy NNJ at Blick Art Supplies


Asbury Park Bathing Beauty Dr. Sketchy


Amber Ray at Dr. Sketchy NYC


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Best of 2012: Art

2012 was a really exciting year for me! I exhibited my work in various places, including California, Europe and Teaneck, New Jersey. Here are some of my highlights:


I had a blurb in The Digital Artists iPad issue


My Siri Portrait was in Cult of Mac


I was interviewed by the Nomad Brush site


My artwork was exhibited at the Grassy Noel Gallery in Teaneck


I had an iPad Drawing in the Portraits of the Queen exhibit at West Ox Arts in England

Here’s to more exciting opportunities in 2013 and more experimenting with new apps and techniques!

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Julia Kay’s Portrait Party 2012

Portrait party-2012-iPad-Art

In 2012 I continued working on portraits for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. I completed over 40 portraits using various iPad apps including Inkpad, ArtRage, Sketchbook Pro and Percolator, as well as using traditional media like pencils and acrylic paints. You can see more of my portraits here in this Flickr set. I’m really looking forward to creating more portraits in 2013!

List of artists portrayed: Emily, Hettie, Veterok, Aurora, Conxy, Anne, Hettie, Gina Marie and Julia

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Retromatic Self Portrait

Retromatic Self Portrait

This is a self portrait using the new Retromatic app on my iPhone. I started with a photo using Tooncamera from around Halloween. Next I used the Retromatic app to add the embellishments around my head. Finally I imported that photo into PicGrunger to get the canvas effect. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this was “Faved on Flickr” on the Life in LoFi site.

I want to experiment with Retromatic more, especially combining it with some Inkpad drawings like in this picture of Sofia below:

Retromatic app-Sofia-iPhone-art

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Hipstamatic Tintype SnapPak and 261 Update

Tinto Still life

Tinto 1884 lens and C-Type Plate Film

Hipstamatic released their new Tintype SnapPak. This Pak includes two films (one black and white and the other color) and one lens. I really like the retro feel of the different films. The developers at Hipstamatic wanted to give the photos the look of tintype photography. I can’t wait to try these out on some portraits!

Important: You need to update to Hipstamatic 261 before downloading the pak. You can read more about it on the Hipstamatic Blog.

Tinto 1884 lens and D-Type Plate Film

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Christmas in NYC


I spent the day in NYC Saturday enjoying all the Christmas decorations. They never fail to amaze me!

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December 10, 2012 · 9:41 pm

Anne Francis – Inkpad and Wordfoto on iPad

Anne Francis

This is a portrait of Anne Francis from the movie Forbidden Planet. I wanted to keep the color scheme very limited in this picture. I used Inkpad for the initial drawing, PicGrunger and Wordfoto. I also used Sketchbook Pro to create layers and erase different areas from each layer.


Inkpad Version


PicGrunger Version


Wordfoto Version

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