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Creating an App Mashup Using Retromatic

Retromatic Liz

Retromatic is a fun iPhone App to jazz up your iPhone photos. I decided to try it on my iPad mini to create an app mashup. I started with a vector drawing of Liz Taylor using Inkpad on my IPad.


Next I imported part of the drawing into Retromatic and added different graphic elements that are part of the app, such as the circles and the “R”.


Finally I imported the Retromatic picture into Picgrunger to give it an aged look, see the picture at the top of the post. I was thinking of an old billboard or street art.


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Morticia – Inkpad and Sketchbook Pro on iPad


This is a portrait of Carolyn Jones as Morticia Addams from the TV show “The Addams Family”. She is probably one of my favorite TV moms of all time. I wonder how many little goths she influenced with her floor length black gowns.

I used Inkpad, PicGrunger and Sketchbook Pro to put it all together and add the spiders. I wanted to give it an old, antiqued look, as if you could almost smell the musty scent of old books and papers.


Inkpad Version


PicGrunger filter


Sketchbook Pro using “spider” brush


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Go Go Amy @ Dr. Sketchy’s NYC – Inkpad on IPad

Go Go Amy @ Dr. Sketchy NYC

This is a portrait of Go Go Amy at the Bowery poetry club from a Dr. Sketchy session a couple of weeks ago. Here are some drawings from that session.

This portrait was done using the ink pad app and then also using the ArtRage app to add the watercolor paper texture. I also added in some textures using PicGrunger and Halftone.

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Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman: Inkpad on iPad

Lynda Carter As Wonder Woman

This is a portrait of Lynda Carter who starred in the Adventures of Wonder Woman in the 1970’s. I remember watching the show as a kid, along with Starsky and Hutch and Charlie’s Angels. I looked up Lynda Carter on Wikepedia and found that she has an album out and she still looks fabulous!

I used the Inkpad app for the initial drawing and used PicGrunger to give it the aged look. I wanted to give it a stars and stripes theme so I used the Percolator app to add the white stars. I put everything together using Sketchbook Pro on the iPad.





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Portrait of Arleen: Inkpad and PicGrunger on iPad


This is a portrait of Arleen Whelan using Inkpad and PicGrunger on the iPad. I’m not really familiar with her as an actress but I saw a picture of her on Tumblr and love the combination of her red hair and her emerald green dress. On Tumblr I am following several people who post pictures of vintage movie stars or cheesecake models and I find that i am using Tumblr almost like an inspiration board. You can search tags like Vintage or Illustration to find some really wonderful artwork and photos.

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Happy Halloween!

The Bride

The Bride, Inkpad and PicGrunger on iPad

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Infographic Self Portrait (or More Shameless Self Promotion)

Infographic Self Portrait

I recently read a blog post about the Do’s and Don’ts of creating an Infographic and I decided I wanted to try out making a visual art resume. Since I am not a graphic designer I tried to create it using apps on my iPad. I started out with a self portrait created with Inkpad on the iPad. Next I used Strip Designer because I wanted to give it a cartoon feeling and the app has various “word bubble” shapes and different fonts to use. I decided to limit the information to my education, places where my work has been exhibited, and where you can find my work on the web. I also placed a QR code so that people with smartphones can find my site quickly. What other information do you think I should include?


I also made this second version by running the picture through PicGrunger. I like the way this looks like something out of an old comic book, but I think it is less readable than the first. I would like to continue with experimenting with infographics and will perhaps try to do several versions with different apps.

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