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Hipstamatic Shanghai HipstaPak

Hipstamatic released its Shanghai Hipstapak over the weekend and I experimented with it quickly to see what type of effects it made.  I went to a local supermarket to take some photos of roses and took some photos of some antique “heads” that I have at home.  Here is how the Hipstapak is described on Hipstamatic’s website:

Being in the worlds biggest city can be a whirlwind of visual stimulation made of lights and bright colors. The Shanghai HipstaPak emulates the energy of this global center in a vivid watercolored image.

Jing Lens Add a textured kaleidoscope of color to any photo. The gentle strokes seem to be applied with the loose grip of an impressionist painter.

Gongbi Film Close your eyes after a time-lapse of traveling through Shanghai, and the resulting memory is what this film produces. Only dreams can be created in this fashion.

I want to experiment with combining these elements with other lenses and films to fully explore what they can do.


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Grounds for Sculpture


I visited Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey back in May. The sculpture park is a beautiful place to spend the day. There was a Seward Johnson retrospective going on which included some larger sculptures (like the Marilyn Monroe statue) which usually travel around the country. The colorful flowers and breathtaking landscapes make GFS a wonderful destination for taking photos and even plein air painting. Since the park is open all year long you can experience the sculptures in different ways as the seasons change. Some of the sculptures can be (gently) touched and interaction with the art is encouraged. Throughout the park are three dimensional reproductions of French paintings which would be a great way to introduce children to art history. There are also indoor sculpture galleries with rotating exhibits.

I would love to spend a leisurely day there drawing and taking pictures.


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Tintype App by Hipstamatic 

I just discovered Hipstamatic’s Tintype App and I’m having fun experimenting with its different effects. I have been using the regular Hipstamatic app since it came out and love to use the endless combination of various lenses to create unique photos. I have been using the Tinto Lens and 1883 film (which give a tintype effect) when I am taking pictures at Steampunk events to give the portraits an eerie, otherworldly look. The good and bad thing about the Tinto lens is that you have no control over the tintype effects, so when the photo “develops” you are either pleasantly surprised or terribly disappointed.

The Tintype App is more of a photo filter which can be used on regular photos or used with the camera on the iPhone. You have more control over the filters, including the colors, the amount of distress of the film, the intensity of the eyes and the focus. Also, where all of the Hipstamatic photos are square, you have the option of using a rectangular or square shape.

I experimented with the app for a little while to quickly see what it can do. I took some selfies and tested it on some objects around the house. Surprisingly, the app made my eyes blue and a little more intense.


I can’t wait to go to more steampunk events and try it out.

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Life is a Beach: Asbury Park

Asbury Park-Beach-summer-fun.jpg

A couple of weekends ago I took my two studio assistants on a day trip to Asbury Park, New Jersey. We just love it there and we feel that we need to support the local business since last year’s storm. We ate crepes and ice cream, visited the antique stores and galleries and sat on the beach. One if my favorite stores on Cookman Ave. is Flying Saucers Retro Kitchenware. The lady who works there is always so kind and welcoming whenever we visit, and the items in the store bring back fond memories of my childhood.


A water park on the Boardwalk


The Obligatory Beach Selfie

The Convention Center



I love the architecture in Asbury Park! There is a mixture of very old buildings and new structures on the boardwalk that makes it totally unique. You could just spend the day taking pictures all along the boardwalk and the surrounding areas.

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Repix Update!

Regina Stargazer At dr. Sketchy NNJ
Digital collage of Regina Stargazer using Repix and Sketchbook Pro

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Dr. Sketchy NNJ drawing session at the Art Garage in Montclair, New Jersey. Regina Stargazer took some wonderful poses and had two beautiful Belly Dancer costumes. I was able to take some pictures with my iPad at the session and decided to use the newly updated Repix app to modify them.

The neat thing about the Repix app is that you can “draw” on the various filters, as opposed to apps where the filter is applied to the entire image. You have more control over where and how much of the filter is on the image. There are different effects, such as Magic Dust, Daubs, Drips and Scratches. There are also a variety of frames and filters to further modify the photo.

This is the original iPad photo without filters

This is a screenshot of Repix showing the different “pens” at the bottom with Magic Dust on her fan

The Repix version before adding Picgrunger and adding collage elements in Sketchbook Pro

You can add some very interesting textures to your photos with this app. But remember, the filters are a little like adding spices to foods. A little bit goes a long way and you don’t want to overpower the image with too much of a good thing.

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Happy Birthday Andy Warhol!


Hipstamatic and Toonpaint on iPhone

Today would gave been Andy Warhol’s 85th Birthday. It always makes me wonder how he would have embraced new technology like iPhones and iPads, as well as social media. I am certain that he would have had active Twitter and Instagram accounts. He would have taken it to a whole new level.


Selfie with Campbell’s Soup Can Shirt

The Campbell’s Soup Can imagery is still going strong. The image on the top is an iPhone photo of some special edition soup cans that came out last year. My shirt is from Uniqlo.

My favorite Warhol images are his portraits. Which Warhol images do you think are his most iconic?


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Stronger Than The Storm

Asbury Park-NJ shore-beach5.jpg

We took a day trip to one of our favorite shore destinations, Asbury Park. This was our first visit since Superstorm Sandy. It was great to see the beach full of sun bathers and colorful umbrellas. The boardwalk was bustling with people and the food stands all had lines. We walked past Madam Marie’s from the Bruce Springsteen song and it reminded me of his lyric “down the shore everything is alright”. There are certain places that are constants in our lives. At different times of my life I have visited different New Jersey shore towns, such as Belmar, Avon, Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant and Wildwood. Each town has a unique quality and caters to different age groups and life styles.

Selfie on the Beach

The advertising campaign for the shore this year is “Stronger Than The Storm”. People from New Jersey, and especially the shore, are known for their resiliency in the face of adversity.

The Convention Center


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Mobile Digital Art By David Scott Leibowitz


I am very fortunate to be part of the book “Mobile Digital Art: Using the iPad and iPhone as Creative Tools” by David Scott Leibowitz. The description of the book on Amazon is as follows:

Learn how to create beautiful artwork on your iPad or iPhone. Over 65 expert artists from around the world will show you how they created their original art, from inspiration and conceptualization, to the creation of the final image. Using step-by-step examples and easy-to-follow tutorials, you’ll learn how to create stunning images on your iPad or iPhone. Learn more about using the apps you already have, like Brushes, and discover new apps that will enhance your art creation like Sketchbook Mobile, Layers, Collage, Juxtaposer, Hiptamatic, and PhotoFX. Whether you are taking you first steps into digital art, or are an accomplished artist looking to broaden your skill set, Mobile Digital Art covers it all – how to turn photographs into oil paintings, design cartoons from scratch and create beautiful landscape vistas – all on your iPad or iPhone.

The coffee table book is beautifully produced and contains tutorials and paintings that you can refer back to over and over again. The also book contains a directory of the contributing artists’ websites so that you can discover more of their work.

Back in May the Grassy Noel Gallery held a book signing event along with an exhibit of David’s artwork. It was a fun evening of demonstrations and music. Artists from the book who attended were Corliss Blakely, Dan Hoffman, David and myself.

Dan, Myself, Corliss, David and Noel

Finger painting demos

Our work on the screens above us

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Happy Easter!

Easter-eggs-retro-Rita Flores-art5.jpg

Easter-eggs-retro-Rita Flores-art7.jpg

Easter-eggs-retro-Rita Flores-art2.jpg

Easter-Eggs-retro-Rita Flores-art.jpg

Hipstamatic iPad photos

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Retromatic Self Portrait

Retromatic Self Portrait

This is a self portrait using the new Retromatic app on my iPhone. I started with a photo using Tooncamera from around Halloween. Next I used the Retromatic app to add the embellishments around my head. Finally I imported that photo into PicGrunger to get the canvas effect. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this was “Faved on Flickr” on the Life in LoFi site.

I want to experiment with Retromatic more, especially combining it with some Inkpad drawings like in this picture of Sofia below:

Retromatic app-Sofia-iPhone-art

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