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Fingerpaint THIS!

Recently I joined a group on Flickr called “Fingerpaint THIS!   This group is open to artists who use the iPhone or iTouch to create art.  Every week a different photo is chosen and the members paint the assigned photograph.   So far there are about 53 members in the group.  I check on the results daily to see how the various artists have re-interpreted the original photo.  I think this is one of the most interesting groups I’ve joined because of the variety of painting apps the artists are using and the incredible imaginations of the artists.  On the first assignment which was “Nénuphar” by Anserun I basically repainted the original photo using Sketchbook mobile:



As you will see from Blue Sky Day’s Collage of the entries for that week each artwork seen alone is beautiful, but all together in the one collage they look amazing!





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Wordless Wednesday 10/28/09

Portrait of artist with lobster, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Portrait of artist with lobster

iPhone Art using 101 Photoeffects, Brushes and Vihgo

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iPhone Art of the Day

Week 34: L.S. Lowry, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Week 34: L.S. Lowry

This is my re-interpretation of “Portrait of Ann” by L.S. Lowry painted in 1957. According to the Lowry website:

“Ann appears in numerous paintings and drawings; her identity remained secret as Lowry gave several different accounts, none of which have been authenticated. His favourite explanation was that she was his ‘god-daughter.'”

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iPhone/iTouch Painting a Week on an Assigned Subject on Flickr

I joined Flickr in June 2009 primarily to post my iPhone art at the suggestion of another artist.  Before I joined I really didn’t know too much about Flickr and thought the site was more for photographers.  After joining I discovered a lot of amazing artists creating iPhone art through the various groups I was joining.  The one group that I’ve found to be the most interesting and challenging is “iPhone/iTouch Painting a Week on an Assigned Subject”.  Each week we create artwork based on either a theme or an artist.  For example, Week 31 was Medical Condition and Dorothea Tanning.   It gives me a chance to kind of “flex my artistic muscle” as it were, because it take you out of your own style.  The other challenge is using the various “apps” such as Brushes, Sketchbook Mobile and Layers to reproduce or emulate the styles of the various artists.


Week 32: Giacometti, ©2009, iPhone Art using Brushes


Week 26: Basquiat, ©2009, iPhone Art using Brushes and Jackson Pollock


Week 30, Regis Loisel ©2009, iPhone Art using Sketchbook Mobile


Week 25, ©2009, iPhone Art using Brushes and Layers

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Wordless Wednesday 10/21/09

IMG_0823Locked Out, © 2009

iPhone Art using Cinema FX, Brushes & Layer

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Simple Saturday

IMG_0557 The Beach at OBX, © 2009, Photograph modified with Brushes App

As winter approaches I fondly remember the peacefulness of the beach at OBX, North Carolina.

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Figure Drawings

I decided to take a break from the iPhone and do some line drawings.   i found two models who volunteered to pose for with me. But how do you draw someone that won’t sit still very long?  Very quickly…

eric sitting

Boy pretending to sleep, Graphite on Paper

dylan with piggie nose

Boy wearing a pig mask, Graphite on Paper

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