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Blue Marlin Motel

Blue Marlin Motel, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Photo modified with photo fx and brushes. Its been a long winter and I’ve been thinking about the shore a lot. Would like to spend some time in a Doo-Wop motel.

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How it all began

How it all began, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

iPhone art using Toonpaint, Strip design and Hipstamatic.  Another installment in “my life story, in no particular order”.

One of the very first art shows that I participated in was a “Clothes Line Art Show” in the parking lot of a Bloomingdales near our house.  I think I may have been 8 at the time, but the original picture wasn’t dated, so I’m not really sure.

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Cecil Beaton – Version 2: A Tutorial on Combining Sketchbook Mobile, Brushes and addLib iPhone Apps

I created a second  version of the Cecil Beaton picture that I posted a couple of days ago.  I will go through the steps of creating the picture for a short tutorial on mixing several different apps.  I find that I like using different elements of several apps together, i.e. I like the quality of the lines that I can achieve using Sketchbook Mobile but find that I use Brushes for “painting” the picture.

I created the initial sketch using Sketchbook Mobile because there are two different “brushes” that I love to use which are unique to that app.

I opened up the picture in Brushes and continued to “paint” the figure loosely.

Next I opened up the image in Jackson Pollock.

Next I went back into Brushes to clean up some of the Jackson Pollock “drips”.

I went back into Sketchbook mobile to add a few different brush strokes in her hair and on the necklace.  I was really unhappy with one of the hands and wanted to create the collage to obscure the hand.

I created two images using the addLib App and created the collage using the Layers app:

This is the final version:

After looking at the progression of the image just now I realize that I lost a lot of the line quality from the Sketchbook Mobile version to the Brushes version.  The Brushes version looks more like an ink drawing.  I’m still not sure which version I like better but the first version seems to have gotten a more positive response on Flickr so far.  Which version do you like better ?


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Philosophy – More fun with Toonpaint and addLib iPhone apps

Philosophy, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Photoshop collage using images created with addLib, Toonpaint and Hipstamatic apps.  I’ve found that I love each of these apps individually but I can get some really interesting effects when they are all combined.  I’ve just started taking a Photoshop class and decided to use my iPhone art as the different elements of the picture to practice using the various tools.

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Week 50: Cecil Beaton

Week 50: Cecil Beaton, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

iPhone Art for “Painting a Week on an Assigned Subject” group on Flickr. This week the subject was Cecil Beaton.  Created using Sketchbook Mobile, Brushes, and Jackson Pollock apps.

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addLib iPhone App

I discovered the addLib iPhone app over the weekend and love the different designs it creates. It works with algorythms and generates different words and compositions in what seems to be random, but sometimes the words will eerily fit the picture. I’ve been using it with pictures I’ve “Toonpainted” and also as collage elements in other pictures. Here are some examples:

addLib, Vhigo and Layers apps

addLib, Toonpaint and Photofinish apps

addLib and Hipstamatic apps

addLib and Toonpaint apps

addLib and Hipstamatic apps

addLib app

addLib and Tunepaint

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She remembered the days…

She remembered the days…, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

iPhone Art using Toonpaint and Strip Design.

Shortly after finding the Toon Paint app (which I love) I found the Strip Design app.  With this app you can easily create comic strips using your photos or artwork.  I’ve been experimenting with using the artwork from my photo library using unrelated photos to create short stories.    I’ve been thinking about doing my life story, in no particular order.

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