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Things I Love Thursday: Pee-wee Herman And Miss Yvonne

PeeWee And Miss Yvonne, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Last week I was inspired by the HBO Special “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” to create a portrait of Pee-wee and Miss Yvonne, the most beautiful woman in puppet land. I loved how the Playhouse was recreated from the original show from the Eighties. It brought back great memories of the Saturday morning show and the original HBO special that really introduced me to Pee-wee. I loved the kitchyness of his house, and it started me on my collection of head vases and salt and pepper shakers.

I used the Inkpad app for iPad for this picture, with a little bit of ArtRage for the paper texture. For some reason I love to draw beehive hair-dos with Inkpad, and Miss Yvonne has an exquisite beehive!


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White Roses

White Roses, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Hipstamatic-Tejas lens and Blanko Noir

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Elizabeth Taylor-Inkpad and ArtRage on iPad

Elizabeth, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

I am experimenting with Inkpad, the new vector based drawing app from Steve Sprang, the creator of one of my favorite apps, Brushes. I’ve never really used a vector program before but I’m learning slowly. I’ve looked up some tutorials on line but there aren’t any for this app yet.

In this picture I am mixing some collage elements in with the flat colors. After finishing the picture in Inkpad I import it into ArtRage to get the paper texture. I want to give it a more hand-made feel, like cut paper.

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Things I Love Thursday: Wanda Jackson-Queen of Rockabilly

Wanda Jackson-Queen of Rockabilly

Last week I was driving and an amazing song was playing on a local college radio station. The song was “Shaking All Over” by Wanda Jackson and it sounded incredible through my car speakers. I haven’t had that experience in a while where you hear a new song and automatically want to run out and get it. I had been hearing the name Wanda Jackson around the news because she was recently on Conan but didn’t really know who she was. I found her new album “The Party Ain’t Over” on iTunes and looked her up on Wikipedia. She is considered the Queen of Rockabilly and has had a long career recording not only Rockabilly songs but country and gospel also. Her new album was produced by Jack White and she is touring right now to support it.

I’ve just started teaching myself how to use InkPad on my iPad, which is a vector based drawing app. I made my first attempts at Inkpad by doing some portraits of Wanda Jackson. I did a google image search and found a lot of great photos from her albums. I will probably be doing some more Inkpad pictures of Wanda Jackson because I realized that she has beautiful green eyes and since I worked from black and white photos I made them black.

This was my very first attempt at Inkpad:


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Wordless Wednesday: The Writing On The Wall

The Writing On The Wall, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Art Rage and Brushes on my iPad. From a Dr. Sketchy NNJ session in Paterson, New Jersey.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Roses, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Hipstamatic – Tejas Lens and Blanko Noir Film

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Portrait of Conxy For JKPP: ArtRage and Toonpaint on iPad

Conxy Jiménez For JKPP, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

This is a portrait of Conxy for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party using Toonpaint, Brushes and ArtRage on my iPad.

Here is Conxy’s Portrait of me (which I love!):

Ritaflo JKPP


and you can visit her blog here.

You can also see more wonderful portraits that other Portrait Party Artists have done of me in my galleries here, here and here on Flick.

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Stoya As Death @ Dr. Sketchy’s Tribute To Sandman: IPad App Mash-up

This picture is a mashup using my pencil drawing, Sketchbook Pro and ArtRage on the iPad. I wanted to experiment with creating a digital collage with the layers function on Sketchbook. I was out of my comfort zone because i usually use Brushes to do the collages. The drawing is on one layer, the colored “ink splotches” is on the second layer, and the Eifel Tower and words on the third layer. Next I imported the picture into ArtRage to give it the water color on paper look.

This is my original moleskine drawing done at the Dr. Sketchy session:

Stoya as Death @ Dr. Sketchy's Tribute to Neil Gaiman's Sandman

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TiLT Picture a Museum Edition: MoMA and the ABEXNY iPad App

Hanging with Hans @ MoMA, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Today is “Picture a Museum Day”. This is a photo from December taken in front of a Hans Hoffman paintings at the Museum of Modern Art. This painting was part of the Abstract Expressionism New York Exhibit which is open until April 25th. Before going to the show I found the wonderful ABEXNY app for my iPad. While it’s not the same as experiencing the show in person, this app enhances the experience both before and after you visit. The app includes videos of different techniques used by the abstract expressionists. Another feature I really like is the map which shows where different abstract expressionist art was made or are part of the history of abstract art. You can use the app to take a walking tour around New York and see the places that inspired the artists. I just loved this exhibit and hope to see it one more time before it closes.

David Smith sculpture @ MoMA

Detail of Joan Mitchell painting @ MoMA

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Wordless Wednesday: The Conversation

The Conversation, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Created using Brushes and ArtRage on iPad, from the Dr. Sketchy NNJ session. What do you think they are talking about?

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