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Things I Love Thursday-Cool Scoops Ice Cream Parlor


We made our yearly trip to Cool Scoops ice cream parlor in Wildwood, New Jersey. This is one of our favorite places to go in Wildwood not only for the ice cream but for the walls of memorabilia. Cool Scoops is truly like a mini museum of pop-culture artifacts.

Every year that we go there are brand new things to look at. This year I was amazed by the decorations in the ladies room which included a hair dryer and a mystery date game. We also liked the Les Paul guitar that was hanging in one of the rooms. Each room has at least one item or photo that brings back happy childhood memories of toys, places or music we loved!

Hair Dryer

Open the Door to Your Mystery Date!

Les Paul guitar

The retro TV wall

Another view of the ladies room

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Growing up, did you….

Bettie Page And Lava Lamp

Growing up, did you:

Watch reruns of the 60’s Batman show and want to dress just like Catwoman or Batgirl?

Walk to the candy store to buy comic books?

Want to be like your favorite tv moms, Morticia and Lilly?

Spend Sunday afternoon watching old black and white movies? (The Bowery Boys, Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis to name a few)

Watch Saturday morning shows like Josie and the Pussycats, Scoobydoo and the Banana Splits?

Did you line up around the movie theater to see Star Wars?

Did you buy your favorite clothes at a thrift shop or Goodwill?

Did you eat Jiffy Pop, Pop Rocks or Pop Tarts?

Did you go to roadside amusement parks and county fairs?

Did you go on road trips listening to you favorite tapes? (8 tracks?)

Did you try to tape your favorite songs off the radio?

Did you visit record stores and spend hours looking at the album art?

Did you go to the Spencer’s at the mall to look at the day glo posters in the black light room?

Did you have paintings of children with big eyes in your basement?

What kind of things did you do or see as a child/teen that shaped your artistic vision? I find that my subject matter for my art always finds itself revisiting things that I was interested in during my youth.


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2011 in Review: Inkpad

Inkpad 2011

I started using Inkpad in March 2011 and I have fallen in love with vector drawing. I have done about 50 drawings and discover new things with each one.


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A Burlesque Christmas

Burlesque X-mas

In order to get in a more Christmasy mood I am revisiting and reworking some of my older images. This is from last year’s Dr. Sketchy NNJ’s Christmas in July with Bambi Galore. I used my favorite combination of Sketchbook Pro and ArtRage again.


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New Moo Stickers in my Etsy Shop and Contest

Yay! Moo stickers and mini case

I am very excited about the new stickers I ordered from Moo! I have put them in my Etsy shop and I am having a mini contest to give one set away. To enter please leave a comment on my blog here with a suggestion for a subject for one of my Inkpad portraits. I am looking for retro, kooky, kitchy or glam actresses, actors, musicians, artists or anyone you find visually interesting. I will pick a winner at random on Friday night. Good luck!


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Happy Halloween!

The Bride

The Bride, Inkpad and PicGrunger on iPad

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Bettie Page: Inkpad and PicGrunger on iPad


This is a portrait of pin-up icon Bettie Page using Inkpad and PicGrunger on the iPad (with a little help from Sketchbook Pro to put them together). I also snuck some dots in there using the Halftone app. I have been experimenting a lot with textures lately, and like the various effects I can get with PicGrunger, Halftone, and Steampunk PhotoTada.

Here are some different variations of the portrait:




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Edith Prickley: Inkpad and PicGrunger on iPad

Prickl(e)y, Edith

This week’s assignment for the Mobile Artists Assigned Paintings group on Flickr was “Prickly”. I immediately thought of Edith Prickley, one of my favorite characters from SCTV. I am no longer able to look at a leopard fur coat without thinking of her. She was even on Sesame Street as a cartoon in the 90’s.

This is my original Inkpad version before adding PicGrunger. Which version do you like better?


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Ann Margret: Inkpad on iPad

Ann Margret

This is a portrait of Ann Margret using the vector based drawing app Inkpad on my iPad. I wanted to do a picture that was purely Inkpad without using any other apps or collage elements. I was experimenting with layers and transparency. I like to use the shadow function using a lighter color to create a glowing effect, as you see around her necklace and hair. Here is a link to an earlier portrait of Ann Margret that I created with Inkpad and PicGrunger.

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Things I Love Thursday: Imelda May

Imelda May

Last week I was driving home and heard this great rockabilly version of “Tainted Love”. I wasn’t sure who was singing so I looked it up when I got home. It turns out it was by Imelda May off her brand new album “Mayhem”. I had seen Imelda May on a tv special with Jeff Beck a while back, but I had never heard her on the radio before. I love her kitchy, burlesque inspired look. She looks like she might have been in John Water’s “Crybaby”. I can’t wait to hear the rest of Mayhem and I will keep an eye out for when she tours around here again.

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