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Hipstamatic Roses

Every once in a while I actually “stop to smell the roses” at the local supermarket, but I also love to take pictures of them with the Hipstamatic App on my iPhone.  I especially like to take pictures on the Random mode so I am pleasantly surprised by my photos.  In Random mode, you shake the phone and the “film” and “lenses” automatically change, but you are unable to see which lenses and films are being used until after the photo is processed.  It’s a fun way to get out of a rut if you end up using the same Hipstamatic combinations.

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Throw Back Thursday: Steampunk City at Speedwell 

 My first Steampunk event was Steampunk City in Speedwell, New Jersey.  I didn’t have any real Steampunk attire yet so I threw together an outfit with some things I had in my closet.  Since then I have acquired different clothes and accessories at the different Steampunk events that I attended.

A recent photo of my newer “Steamgoth” look.

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Art Opening: Never Grow Up: The Art of Comic Con at BlackBird Gallery

Last weekend I went to the opening for “Never Grow Up: The Art of Comic Con” at the Blackbird Gallery and Studio in Jersey City, New Jersey.  In addition to four of my iPad drawings, the group show features the work of Christian Masot, Noel Gussen, Marq Romero, Scott Modrzynski, Alex Perament, Gerald Terado and Lawrence Ciarallo.   From the gallery:

“The spirit of Comic Con is flying into Jersey City! Featuring pop culture influenced works from emerging and established New Jersey artists, the pieces will consist of varying medium and application but will speak to the enchanting theme of “Never Grow Up”.”

The Gallery, located at 189 Brunswick Street in Jersey City, also holds a variety of painting and photography classes for adults and children.  It is a beautiful space for showing artwork and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do next!

  With Christian Masot

The show will be up until the end of October. Contact the gallery for the hours.

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Instagram Inspiration: @Poshadornments

This is a portrait of Heather, also known as @Poshadornments on Instagram and Twitter.  Heather makes incredible jewelry that she sells on her Etsy site and at various shows around the New Jersey/New York area.  I met Heather a couple of years ago at SketchCon and I try to buy a piece of her jewelry every time we are in a show together.  This portrait is an iPad mashup using Inkpad, Wordphoto and Sketchbook Pro on the Ipad.

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Never Grow Up: The Art of Comic Con at Blackbird Gallery

I am really excited about being part of the group show “Never Grow Up: The Art of Comic Con” at the Blackbird Gallery and Studio in Jersey City, New Jersey.  The Blackbird Gallery, located at 189 Brunswick Street, is a beautiful space which also holds art and photography classes.  The opening is Saturday, October 3rd from 6 to 8, and the exhibit is up for the entire month of October.  I will be posting pictures from the opening some time next week.

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Grounds for Sculpture


I visited Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey back in May. The sculpture park is a beautiful place to spend the day. There was a Seward Johnson retrospective going on which included some larger sculptures (like the Marilyn Monroe statue) which usually travel around the country. The colorful flowers and breathtaking landscapes make GFS a wonderful destination for taking photos and even plein air painting. Since the park is open all year long you can experience the sculptures in different ways as the seasons change. Some of the sculptures can be (gently) touched and interaction with the art is encouraged. Throughout the park are three dimensional reproductions of French paintings which would be a great way to introduce children to art history. There are also indoor sculpture galleries with rotating exhibits.

I would love to spend a leisurely day there drawing and taking pictures.


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My Fave Blogger: Veronica Varlow

Veronica Varlow

Veronica Varlow – Inkpad, Percolator and Wordfoto on Ipad

Veronica Varlow is not only one of my fave bloggers, she is also a burlesque star, a reader of tarot cards, weaver of magic spells and a teacher on the art of seduction. I started reading her Danger Diary in the last year, even though i’m not really sure how I discovered her blog. Her posts vary from monthly tarot readings, fashion, how-to’s, magic, and her burlesque adventures. I am always inspired by her posts to try new things and to be a little more adventurous.

I love, love, love her sense of style. Her styles range from pinup, burlesque goddess, punk, vintage, retro and various combinations thereof. She inspires me to wear red lipstick and winged black eyeliner on a daily basis, not just for “special occasions.”

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