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Grounds for Sculpture


I visited Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey back in May. The sculpture park is a beautiful place to spend the day. There was a Seward Johnson retrospective going on which included some larger sculptures (like the Marilyn Monroe statue) which usually travel around the country. The colorful flowers and breathtaking landscapes make GFS a wonderful destination for taking photos and even plein air painting. Since the park is open all year long you can experience the sculptures in different ways as the seasons change. Some of the sculptures can be (gently) touched and interaction with the art is encouraged. Throughout the park are three dimensional reproductions of French paintings which would be a great way to introduce children to art history. There are also indoor sculpture galleries with rotating exhibits.

I would love to spend a leisurely day there drawing and taking pictures.



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Portrait of the Queen

The Queen

This is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II created with the iPad app Inkpad. I created this for a show being held at West Ox Arts Gallery in United Kingdom. The Gallery has asked artists to submit portraits of the Queen for the celebration of her diamond Jubilee. I chose to do a portrait of the Queen when she was younger.

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Preparing for Michael Nobbs’ New Mini Course


This week I am very excited about taking Michael Nobbs’ new minicourse “Get the one thing a day habit”. I’ve been following Michael’s blog “Sustainably Creative” for the last two years and I’ve also been following him on Twitter. He also has some wonderful ebooks on creativity and drawing. I’m trying to decide whether I should do the course using pencil and paper or my iPad or I might even just switch off and use different ones each day. The minicourse runs from Monday, May 7 through Sunday, May 13 so if you haven’t signed up yet they’re still a chance to do so.


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Go Go Amy @ Dr. Sketchy’s NYC – Inkpad on IPad

Go Go Amy @ Dr. Sketchy NYC

This is a portrait of Go Go Amy at the Bowery poetry club from a Dr. Sketchy session a couple of weeks ago. Here are some drawings from that session.

This portrait was done using the ink pad app and then also using the ArtRage app to add the watercolor paper texture. I also added in some textures using PicGrunger and Halftone.

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My New Moo Cards and Thoughts on “Branding”

New Moo business cards

I just received my new Moo rounded edge business cards in the mail and I love how they turned out. I initially ordered 50 to see how they would look and I’m already wishing I got more. The good news is I can reorder as I run out. I really like the weight of the paper and how vibrant the colors are. They feel like small playing cards.

I have been thinking about “branding” and how to use it more effectively to promote my artwork. I have been using my vector drawings for promotional materials like cards and stickers because they seem to print well and I get good responses to the images. I have been placing my stickers on my Moleskine sketchbooks when I go to drawing classes and on my old iPhone case. What memorable cards or promotional items have you gotten that really stayed with you (and alternatively, what has gotten tossed?). I would love to get your feedback on your thoughts on branding for artists.

My Moleskine sketchbooks with Stickers and cards

Starlets, superheroes and scary movie queens

My new round stickers

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Things I Love Thursday: Cupcakes!

Peanut Butter Cupcake

We recently discovered BuCu, which has become our favorite cupcake place. They are sort of expensive but they are a special treat, not really something we would have every day. They also have a “cupcake” milkshake, which is another decadent desert. I would like to do a series of the cupcakes, which means I would get to try all the different varieties. This was done with Toonpaint and Artrage on the iPad. It was inspired by the work of Wayne Thiebaud. I really love his colorful and painterly pictures of cakes and other food.


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My Interview with Nomad Brush for Autism Awareness Month


A big thanks to the fine people at Nomad Brush for posting my interview for Autism Awareness Month where I discuss how raising a son on the Autistic Spectrum has influenced the way I make art.

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