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Wordless Wednesday

Vivi Noir @ Dr. Sketchy NNJ

Vivi Noir @ Dr. Sketchy of NNJ – Hipstamatic and Artrage on iPad

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Dr. Sketchy Asbury Park at Voltaire’s Necrocomicon

Dr. Sketchy Asbury Park at NecroComicon

This is a photo from a Dr. Sketchy session at Voltaire’s Necrocomicon in New Jersey. The session was organized by the wonderful Asbury Park Branch. This photo was taken with Hipstamatic on my iPad and altered with Pixlrmatic and Steampunk Photo Tada apps.

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Wordless Wednesday

Dr. Sketchy asbury Park @ Necrocomicon

A digital collage from Dr. Sketchy Asbury Park at Necrocomicon.

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Dr. Sketchy's Tribute to Doctor Who

This is a drawing from Dr. Sketchy’s Tribute to Doctor Who in New York. This session was about two years ago, before I was even familiar with the series. Thanks to Netflix I’ve been getting caught up with a couple older seasons. Who is your favorite Doctor?

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Regina Stargazer at Dr. Sketchy NNJ

Regina Stargazer at Dr. Sketchy NNJ

Over the weekend I went to a Dr. Sketchy NNJ at the Art Garage in Montclair, New Jersey. The model was the wonderful Regina Stargazer of e White Elephant Burlesque Society. I did a lot of drawings and took plenty of photos to work from during the session, which I will be posting on the next couple of days. This photo was taken with Hipstamatic and altered with Pixlrmatic.


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Two Magical Nights at Speakeasy DollHouse

Speakeasy Dollhouse
Kat Mon Deui

I was very fortunate to see the immersive play “Speakeasy Dollhouse” by Cynthia Von Buhler twice in the last two months. My first time was in February for a Monday night performance for which I had won tickets through Facebook. The second time was on a Saturday night in March. I was really excited about seeing the show because it featured a lot of burlesque performers who I had drawn at Dr. Sketchy’s. Even though the show was basically the same both nights it was a totally different experience each time because you could follow around different performers and see different parts of some of the murder mystery from different perspectives. Here is a short description from the Speakeasy Dollhouse website:

“This is an immersive event. Each guest will be assigned a name and role. We encourage you to explore. Unlocked doors (or revolving bookshelves) should be entered. Ignore the advice your parents gave you as children, be nosy and talk to strangers. Time is warped here; it is between 1933 (prohibition-era) – 1935.”

The theatergoers are encouraged to wear clothes from that era and it was sometimes hard to distinguish the actors from the audience. The drinks were served in coffee cups and live jazz was played through out the night. Burlesque stars (and some of my favorite Dr. Sketchy models) Delysia La Chatte, Lillet St. Sunday and Kat Mon Dieu performed during the show. The bar and adjoining rooms are beautifully decorated with large paintings and comfortable couches. There is also a secret room hidden by a trick bookcase where some of the more intimate scenes are played out.

This was truly a unique event, and I am so glad that I was able to experience it. In addition to the Play, Cynthia Von Buhler has written an accompanying book and has created an actual dollhouse depicting the story. This Sunday I will be going to a special Speakyeasy dollhouse Dr. Sketchy session featuring Kat Mon Deui and Katelan Foisy.

Katelan Foisy and Kat Mon Dieu

Kat Mon Dieu


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Dr. Sketchy’s Pulp Fiction featuring Amber Ray

Dr. Sketchy Pulp Fiction featuring Amber Ray

Last weekend I went to Dr. Sketchy’s Pulp Fiction session featuring Amber Ray and male burlesque performer GoGo Harder. Their poses were reminiscent of dime store novels of the 1950’s. It was one of those sessions where I wish I could have taken pictures because the costumes were gorgeous and the two performers struck such wonderful poses together! This is the fifth time I’ve drawn Amber Ray and each time she transforms herself into such different characters.

Here are some short five minute drawings from the session:

Amber ray-dr. sketchy-pulp fiction-art
Amber Ray-Dr. sketchy-Art-Drawing

Dr. Sketchy’s is now at the beautiful Slipper Room in NYC. There is a lot more room than at the last venue and there are small tables to work on. There is also a balcony where you can draw from and get a different view of the models.

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