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Wordless Wednesday

Portrait of Daniel – Inkpad and ArtRage on iPad 

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Wordless Wednesday

Vivi Noir @ Dr. Sketchy NNJ

Vivi Noir @ Dr. Sketchy of NNJ – Hipstamatic and Artrage on iPad

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Portrait of Ilza: Inkpad and Artrage on iPad

Portrait Of Ilza- Artrage Version

This is a portrait of Ilza for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. I started with a vector drawing in the Inkpad app and imported it into ArtRage. I used the “canvas” setting and the Oil Paint brushes to give it a more painterly look.

Ilza For JKPP

This is the Inkpad only version. Some times it’s hard to decide whether to keep working on a portrait and to keep adding filters or to just leave it alone. One of the hardest parts of working this way is knowing when to call it finished. I wanted to keep this portrait very simple, thinking about the artist Alex Katz while working on it.

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Pictures at an Exhibition: 1st Annual Mobile Digital Art Exhibition


My Portrait of Veterok was chosen to be part of the Pacific Art League’s 1st Annual Mobile Digital Art Exhibition in Palo Alto, California. From the pictures I’ve seen it looked the Grand Opening was fantastic party! Some of my favorite finger painters were in attendance. A special thank you to Julia Kay and Nini Teves for taking and sharing so many wonderful photos. Also, a special thanks to Sumit Vishwakarma for all his work on the exhibit and its promotion!





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Awesome April: @GalaDarling

Portrait Of @GalaDarling-art-iPad-Rita Flores-drawing

This is a portrait of Gala Darling for my Awesome April Project. I have been following Gala Darling’s blog since 2010 and have found a lot of inspiration from her writing. This is my third portrait of Gala and you can see the older portraits here and here.

I love Gala’s fashion sense! She was one of the first beauty bloggers that I have followed who I actually could relate to what she wore. She also writes about her travels and she always finds the fun and magical aspects of each city she visits! I have been to New York City many times but Gala always finds different landmarks or restaurants and makes them seem new and exciting.

Gala is also one of the “Head Mistresses” of the Blogcademy. Along with Nubby Twiglet and Kat Williams, these wonderfully creative women have been bringing their knowledge of blogging to different cities around the world. They are coming back to New York in June and I have to be there! For each city they are offering one scholarship for the workshop so in conjunction with my Awesome April Project I am working on a Get Me To the Blogcademy project. I will be making portraits of each of the HeadMistresses and I am contemplating making a video. So wish me luck and check back for more portraits!


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Portrait of Regina Stargazer at Dr. Sketchy’s NNJ

Regina Stargazer - Dr. Sketchy NNJ-iPad-art

This is a portrait of Regina Stargazer from a Saint Patrick’s Day Dr. Sketchy at the Clash Bar in Clifton. This session featured the White Elephant Burlesque Society and had an Irish theme. Fortunately I was able to take pictures and I will be posting more of the photos and drawings as I finish working on them.

This is a portrait of Regina from the session using the Repix app and Artrage on the iPad mini:

Regina Stargazer-dr. Sketchy-art-iPad-NJ

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Celebrating My Three Year Anniversary at Julia Kay’s Portrait Party!

Molly Peck For JKPP

March 10th was my three year Anniversary with Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on Flickr. I was one of the first members and now the group has 750 members and 31,586 portraits. I have made 241 portraits using the iPad, the iPhone, as well as traditional media such as acrylic paint and pencil. Because the group is always growing there are a constant stream of new artists to draw or paint. I have been fortunate to meet some of the artists in the group, including Julia, and there have been meet ups all around the world.

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Portrait of Fiona: Inkpad and Artrage on iPad


This is a portrait of Fiona for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. I used the vector drawing app Inkpad and added Artrage for texture. I loved her shawl and the flowers on her hair and they reminded me of Frida Kahlo and Matisse’s paper cut outs.

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Experimenting with the Glaze App


After seeing several other iPhone artists on Flickr using the Glaze app I decided to try it out. The app creates various painting textures, from thick impasto to more impressionist styles. You can also mix the different filters to create more personalized textures. I experimented with one of my Hipstamatic photos and two different Inkpad drawings. I also imported an image into Artrage to tweak it and add different brushstrokes and texture. I can already tell that this will be a great app for making app mash ups. Here are some initial experiments:



A Hipstamatic Still Life with different filters


An image that was imported into ArtRage onto a “Canvas” texture


An Inkpad portrait that was imported into Glaze


An Inkpad Self Portrait that was altered with Glaze

I’m really excited about using this with photos as well as my Inkpad drawings to give the images a more painterly feel. What is the next step-real paintings from the images? If you have any suggestions for other app mash ups please leave them in the comments.

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Julia Kay’s Portrait Party 2012

Portrait party-2012-iPad-Art

In 2012 I continued working on portraits for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. I completed over 40 portraits using various iPad apps including Inkpad, ArtRage, Sketchbook Pro and Percolator, as well as using traditional media like pencils and acrylic paints. You can see more of my portraits here in this Flickr set. I’m really looking forward to creating more portraits in 2013!

List of artists portrayed: Emily, Hettie, Veterok, Aurora, Conxy, Anne, Hettie, Gina Marie and Julia

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