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Dr. Sketchy’s Pulp Fiction featuring Amber Ray

Dr. Sketchy Pulp Fiction featuring Amber Ray

Last weekend I went to Dr. Sketchy’s Pulp Fiction session featuring Amber Ray and male burlesque performer GoGo Harder. Their poses were reminiscent of dime store novels of the 1950’s. It was one of those sessions where I wish I could have taken pictures because the costumes were gorgeous and the two performers struck such wonderful poses together! This is the fifth time I’ve drawn Amber Ray and each time she transforms herself into such different characters.

Here are some short five minute drawings from the session:

Amber ray-dr. sketchy-pulp fiction-art
Amber Ray-Dr. sketchy-Art-Drawing

Dr. Sketchy’s is now at the beautiful Slipper Room in NYC. There is a lot more room than at the last venue and there are small tables to work on. There is also a balcony where you can draw from and get a different view of the models.

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Preparing for Michael Nobbs’ New Mini Course


This week I am very excited about taking Michael Nobbs’ new minicourse “Get the one thing a day habit”. I’ve been following Michael’s blog “Sustainably Creative” for the last two years and I’ve also been following him on Twitter. He also has some wonderful ebooks on creativity and drawing. I’m trying to decide whether I should do the course using pencil and paper or my iPad or I might even just switch off and use different ones each day. The minicourse runs from Monday, May 7 through Sunday, May 13 so if you haven’t signed up yet they’re still a chance to do so.


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Things I Love Thursday: Dr. Sketchy’s Tribute to Aeon Flux and MTV’s Liquid Television

Aeon flux 2

My artwork was greatly influenced by MTV’s Liquid Television, so I was very excited about Dr. Sketchy’s Tribute to Aeon Flux. The amazing model, Legs Mallone, was decked out in spandex and had a great Aeon Flux inspired black wig. An inspiring playlist featuring a lot of spy related songs filled the Bowery Poetry Club.

There were some amazing prizes from Liquid Television! If you are too young to remember Aeon Flux you can check out the Liquid Television’s new site.

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Live Sketching At Los StraitJackets Show

Quick sketch at Los Straitjackets show

In yesterday’s post I wrote about going to see the Los Straitjackets show at the Turning Point in Piermont. Here are some quick sketches that I did during their first set. This was the first time that I drew at a concert and it was very challenging considering it was dark, I had two beers (probably the reason beat is spelled wrong) and unlike life drawing, the band moved around quite a bit. It was a little bit like drawing the aerialist at Dr. Sketchy’s at the Art Monkeys Ball. It was a fun exercise though, and now that I look at the drawings it brings back memories of the show in a different way than the photos do.

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Dr. Sketchy’s Tribute to Doctor Who

Pencil on Moleskine

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Delirium At Dr. Sketchy’s Tribute to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman

Last weekend was an epic Dr. Sketchy’s weekend for me. On Saturday I brought several pictures to the Center City Galleries in Paterson for a Dr. Sketchy North Jersey group show that will be up for the month of February. On Sunday I attended Dr. Sketchy’s tribute to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman which was one of the more amazing sessions i’ve been to. It was jam packed with “art monkeys” sitting on the stage. Stoya was Death, Johnny Blazes was Desire and Tess Aquarium was Delirium. The costumes were fantastic, especially Delirium’s butterflies “flying” around her head.

Death and Delirium @ Dr. Sketchy's tribute to Neil Gaiman's Sandman

Stoya as Death @ Dr. Sketchy's Tribute to Sandman

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Moleskine Sketchbook Drawing From Dr. Sketchy’s Does Warhol’s Factory

Sketchy Blog.

This is a photo taken from the Dr. Sketchy’s blog of the Moleskines sketchbook that I won a couple months ago at the Dr. Sketchy’s does Warhol’s Factory.  The drawing is of “Marilyn with Canary Yellow Hair” and here is a link to another  iPad collage of Marilyn.  Drawing at Dr. Sketchy’s for the last nine months has really been a highlight of my year.  The models were always beautiful and the setups were always interesting.  I can’t wait to see what they have planned for 2011!

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