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Forbidden Planet: Inkpad and Wordfoto on iPad

Forbidden Planet, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

I started this picture about a month ago when I first got Inkpad but wasn’t really happy with it. Inkpad recently had a major update so I decided to revisit it and add “Forbidden Planet” using Wordfoto.


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TiLT: Creativity-There’s an App For That

Screen shot of app store essentials-painting and drawing

I have to admit that my title is a little misleading. Can an iPad app make you more creative? Well, it might make being more creative a little easier if you have more tools at your disposal.

I was visiting the app store the other night and noticed that there was a banner for “App Store Essentials – Painting and Drawing”. This was the first time I had seen all these apps grouped together this way. This is really good news for both artists and new iPad owners who are looking for some of the best apps to start out with. When I first got my iPad the art apps could only be found in the Productivity or Lifestyle sections of the app store. I found out about most of my favorite apps through other artists on Flickr – and one of my favorite things is trying to figure out how other artists were achieving certain effects.

You can see from the screen shot all of the apps I have installed so far. If you look at my blog or Flickr you can see my work with Brushes, ArtRage, Inkpad, and Sketchbook mobile. As I mentioned in an earlier post, if you have the means and the space on your iPad, try as many of these as you can, because it’s only through practice and experimentation that you will find the one that works best for you. I also like to do app “mash ups” where i combine several apps in one picture. Sketch Club was also just updated and I’m looking forward to trying out it’s new features.

What apps would you recommend to an artist who wants to try mobile art?

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Portrait Of Liz: Inkpad and ArtRage on ipad

Portrait Of Liz, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

This is a portrait of Elizabeth Taylor using the vector drawing app InkPad. The app was just updated and one of my favorite aspects of the update is that you can adjust the transparency of the colors and the layers. I can achieve more subtle shading this way. I also used textures that I made with Picgrunger and Hipstamatic to create the collage elements. I finished the picture by using ArtRage to create a water color paper texture.

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Brushes Vs. ArtRage

m. lewandowski, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Toonpaint and Brushes on iPad

Every once in a while I will notice in my stats page that people have searched “Brushes Vs. ArtRage.”. If you are an artist who has just gotten an iPad (either version) I would suggest you get both. And while your at it, I would get Sketchbook Pro too. Even though they are all painting/drawing apps, each one does something a little different that you won’t have an overlap of apps. I find that Brushes is the easiest and most intuitive to use, but each artist gets comfortable with different apps through practice and finds their own favorite. Sketchbook Pro has a wide variety of brushes and textures that are unique to that app. ArtRage mimics the look of different art supplies’ such as oil paint and pencils. I often like to do app mashes, where I will combine various app to get a totally unique artwork. I use ArtRage a lot to create textures, such as the canvas or watercolor texture.

m. lewandowski for JKPP

Brushes and ArtRage on iPad

So if you have the means, try to experiment with as many apps as you can until you find the one that you are most comfortable with. Or you can challenge yourself, like I did, with a vector based app like Inkpad, and venture out of you comfort zone.


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NYC: View of Buildings Near Times Square

Hipstamatic using Chunky and Blanko Noir

This week I was fortunate to be able to take some pictures from a different vantage point in NYC near Times Square. The buildings were glittering in the midmorning sunshine. Its always good to look at things from a different angle than you are used to.

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Year in Review: 2010

Year in Review: 2010, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

2010 was an amazing year for me artistically! There were several developments that changed the way I make art:

-The Hipstamatic app changed the way I took pictures

-the arrival of the iPad helped me ramp up my creative output with apps like Brushes, Sketchbook Mobile and ArtRage

-I went back to figure dawning at Dr. Skechy’s Anti Art School

-The Mobile Art Con was an amazing weekend where I met so many wonderful Fingerpainters!

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2:30 Henri Matisse – The Blue Window


2:30 Henri Matisse – The Blue Window, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Brushes on iPad

I created this for the Mobile Artist Assigned Painting Group on Flickr.  This is one of my favorite Matisse paintings of all time.  Fortunately this weekend I was going through some of my books from my studio and dug out a catalogue from the Matisse Retrospective at the MOMA from 1992.  It was one of those once in a life time exhibits.  It brought back fond memories of when I went to the Members preview and spotted Lou Reed viewing the exhibit.

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