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TiLT-My Favorite Blogger Edition: Elsie of A Beautiful Mess

Portrait Of Elsie

One of my new favorite blogs is A Beautiful Mess. I’ve started following various bloggers who do “What I Wore Today” posts (such as Gala Darling, The Dainty Sqid and Nubby Twiglet). I really love seeing the daily outfits that Elsie posts on A Beautiful Mess. Her outfits are fun, creative and wonderfully colorful. I think the beauty of the daily outfit posts (for me, amway) is that these are real people (not models) who are showing their creativity, not only in putting together the outfits but also in how they photograph themselves. If you have any Daily Outfit favorites please post them in the comments.

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TiLT: My Favorite Blogger Edition: The Dainty Squid


I just found Kaylah’s Dainty Squid blog just a little over a week ago but can tell that it will be one of my faves that I will check out regularly. The caption for her blog is “The Daily Life of a Crafty Cat Lady”. I really like her “What I Wore Today” posts and how she puts together her colorful outfits. I also like her aesthetic and choice of her thrift shop finds. A lot of the items look like things I had in my house growing up and brought back great memories. When I saw her photos with her blue hair I knew she would make a great subject for an Inkpad/Wordfoto portrait. I used a photo from one of her What I Wore posts from earlier in June and took the yellow flowers from a photo of her jewelry.

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TiLT: Breakfast at a Retro Diner

Jackson Hole Diner

Last week we visited Jackson Hole, an incredible retro diner located in New Jersey. I’ve been going there for at least 12 years, but had forgotten about it until i saw a fellow ipad artist’s painting of a tabletop jukebox. At the same time, another artist was looking for breakfast themed ipad art, so i decided that this would be a great opportunity to eat there again. Full disclosure-we had breakfast at dinner time. Thats the beauty of the diner-getting breakfast at any time.

The table tops had a great pink boomerang pattern. The selection of songs on the jukebox has not changed since i’ve been there last, including the Beatles, Monkees, the Stones and Lou Reed. We listened to Bobby Darren’s “Mac the Knife” and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I got some great shots of our plates of eggs and waffles as reference photos for my ipad paintings (and we split a hot fudge sundae for dessert). Here are two of my ipad paintings using Sketchbook Pro and ArtRage:

Toast And Jelly

Breakfast At The Diner

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TiLT: Hipstmatic Retropak and Molly Crabapple’s Week in Hell

Still Life With Head Vases

This is a big weekend for Hipsta enthusiasts who have missed some of the limited edition paks. From June 10th through 12th the Hipstamatic Retropak One will be available and will include the coveted Salvador Dream Canvas and Lens from the Dali Hipstapack. You can read more about the various lenses and films included in Life in LoFi. The Retropak is $1.99 so get it or regret it!

I made a pledge to Molly Crabapple’s “Week of Hell” on Kickstarter this week. Her project is more than fully funded after just a couple of days and you can make a pledge to it until June 20th. She will be drawing in a hotel suite on walls covered with paper. The event will be live streamed for backers of the project. This is a great opportunity to acquire an original piece of her artwork. Backers will get pieces of the drawings cut from the walls and the sizes will correspond to the amount of the pledge. I’m looking forward to seeing the event in September.

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TiLT: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World


I finally got to see Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World last weekend and am totally enamored with the movie! I had wanted to see it in the theaters when it came out, but for whatever reason I never made it. It’s on HBO this month and I caught the last half hour first, then saw the last hour, then finally saw the whole movie all the way through a couple of days later on demand. Yes, it’s kind of weird to see the movie non-consequentially, but it’s the kind of movie you can see over and over again and notice different things. I loved the use of text and how the action looked like scenes from arcade video games. I really like the music and I read that some of the songs were written by Beck.

I didn’t realize that one of my favorite actors, Jason Schwartzman was in the film until I saw it. He was in some of my favorite movies, including Rushmore, The Darjeeling Express and I Heart Huckabees. And of course Michael Cera is perfect as Scott Pilgrim, I couldn’t imagine anyone else in the part.

The picture of Ramona Flowers was done with Inkpad, Wordfoto and Sketchbook Pro on the iPad. Ramona has Blue, Pink and Green hair throughout the movie, so I might do different versions of her portrait with each color.

Good news: Wordfoto just had an update which I’m excited about trying. They have added new fonts and I just figured out today how to use the Custom menu, so that should keep me busy for a while.


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TiLT: To Walk in Gala’s Shoes For a Day

Gala Darling

I’ve been following Gala Darling’s blog for about a year now, give or take a month or two. In that time I have seen her photos from her trip to Paris, watched her walk down the runway at a Betsey Johnson fashion show and have loved all of her wonderfully colorful outfits. This week she posted a video of an interview that aired in New Zealand and it was great to see her in action and hear her talk about “being big in the Blogosphere”. I loved seeing Gala’s New York, watching her blogging in the middle of Times Square or visiting a Patricia Fields store. I’ve been to New York many times over the years but i would love to take a tour of Gala’s favorite places.

Every Thursday she posts “Things I Love Thursday” and invites her readers to submit links to their favorite things list. For the last several months I have tried to write my TiLT list and have found it to be a great challenge to not only think about what I love, but how can I relate it to my art or photography. I usually start thinking about it on Monday, but usually end up writing it on Thursday.

The portrait of Gala was created on my iPad using Inkpad, Wordfoto and Sketchbook Pro. I kind of hurried it along to have it done for this post, so I might end up reworking it. One of my new favorite app combos is Inkpad and Wordfoto. I’m just learning how to use Inkpad and with each portrait I discover something new about it. I’m just loving Wordfoto. It’s one of the more fun apps to come out in a while.


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TiLT: Ray Davies – See My Friends

Portrait Of Ray, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

One of my favorite songwriters since high school has been Ray Davies. I saw the Kinks in concert back then and my love of his songs has grown since then. The songs are like great books that you’ve read and reread and each time you find different meaning in them. The songs evoke images of a different but timeless part of history. Every time I hear Waterloo Sunset it sends me to this mythic, romantic place. I feel like he has grown with the songs also, because on songs like “Days” when he says “thank you for the days” I feel like he really is thankful for the days in a deeper way than when he first recorded it. Ray Davies’ new album “See my Friends” features duets of Kinks’ songs performed with artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Mettalica, and Alex Chilton. On first listen the song that stands out for me is the title track, “See My Friends” with Spoon. Another standout is “Waterloo Sunset” with Jackson Brown.

One of my favorite albums of all time is Lola Versus Power Man, and this album has two songs from that album, “This Time Tomorrow” with Mumford and Sons and “Long Way From Home” with Lucinda Williams.

His last album, the Kinks Choral Collection has been a mainstay on my virtual “turntable” since I first downloaded it. It’s wonderful to hear all the different versions of his songs. How many artists can have their songs performed at different times with both a choir and Metallica?

I’m hoping that next time Ray Davies comes to the U.S. (with or without the Kinks) that I will be able to catch him in concert.


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