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Hipstamatic Gangster Squad FreePak

Hipstmatic GSQUAD- Gangster Squad-freepak4.jpg

GSQUAD Lens and GS-0 Film

Hipstamatic just released the Gangster Squad FreePak. Their description from their site is:

Our new Gangster Squad FreePak was inspired by the forthcoming Gangster Squad movie, set in the 1940s, starring Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, and Sean Penn as notorious mobster Mickey Cohen, with Nick Nolte and Emma Stone.

This Pak includes the GSQUAD Lens, GS-0 Film (which has a circular frame) and a virtual camera case. The FreePak is only available until December 5th so get it while you can.


GSQUAD lens and Dream Canvas Film




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Things I Love Thursday-Campbell’s Limited Edition Soup

Still Life with Soup Cans-ArtRage on iPad

To Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Andy Warhol’s artwork 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans Campbell’s has put out limited edition cans of their condensed Tomato Soup. The cans come in four different color schemes and are only sold at Target. Each can features a different Warhol Quote. I love the pop art colors.

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Hipstamatic Groupie SnapPak

Groupie Snap Pak test

This is a test shot of the new Hipstamatic Groupie SnapPak using the Adler lens, Dylan film and Pop Rox Flash. The new pak is $0.99 cents and is only available through April.

The following is from the Hipstamatic Tumblr:

Groupie status has never been so cool. Whether you’re a Deadhead, Bon Iver diehard, or Little Monster, get ready to rock concert photography with the Groupie Snap Pak. We’ve partnered with Nic Adler,owner of legendary LA music club The Roxy, to bring you a lens, flash, and film perfect for capturing those rockstar moments.

Adler 9009 Lens: This lens is King of the Sunset Strip. With a textured glow, this lens is perfect for catching a show in Austin, or even sunsets from Los Angeles to New York City.

Dylan Film: Damaged, overstated and unpredictable just like our favorite musicians. The Dylan film was left out in the sun a little too long, and has the light leaks to prove it.

Pop Rox Flash: Use the software (half) flash for contrast in dimly lit “hey-no-flash-allowed” performances; the hardware flash, when allowed of course, turns up the contrast volume even louder.

This shot was taken without the flash. Wow-what a light leak!

I will have to take some more test shots and will post them soon.

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Still Life With Lobster-My Entry For #twitterartexhibit in Norway

Still life with Lobster

Over the weekend I mailed my entry for the #twitterartexhibit in Moss, Norway. This is the second #twitterartexhibit organized by David Sandum or @DavidSandumArt as he is known on Twitter. My entry is approximately 4 by 6 inches and is pencil on watercolor paper. The criteria for entry was that the artwork was postcard size and was an original work of art (as in no prints or photographs). The proceeds from the sale of the artwork will go to charity.

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Let’s Percolate! Having Some Fun With The Percolator App

Still life

The Percolator app has been around for quite a while but I finally decided to try it out this weekend. I’ve seen many iPhone photos using it but I wasn’t sure if it was something that would fit in with what I was doing. The app turns your photo into a series of circles and can make your photo look pretty abstract, or sort of like a mosaic. I was surprised to find that it has a lot of different filters, not just the circles or discs. I really like the Overprint filter used on extra fine because it reminds me of an impressionistic painting. I experimented with using Percolator on a Hipstamatic photo and a Tooncamera photo of the same still life from my studio. The app also has different tones and textures so I think you can get a really varied range of effects.

This is the Original Hipstamatic photo used on the picture above. The top photo is processed using the Overprint filter

This is another version of the still life using the color gels filter

This was taken using the Tooncamera app

This Is the Tooncamera photo processed with Overprint and then imported into ArtRage

I really think I am just scratching the surface of what I can do with the Percolator app. I am thinking of doing a series of painted still life’s based on life and these photos.


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Hipstamatic 225 and Wicker Park HipstaPak

Lucas ab2 test shot

Yesterday there was a Hipstamatic update and the release of the new Wicker Park Hipstapak.

The description of the pak from the Hipstamatic site is:

“Ride the Loop into your abandoned creative factory with the Wicker Park Hipstapak. This pak is perfect for those nights out clinking glasses at dimly lit, independently owned establishments. With a distinctly urban feel, the golden glow of the Lucas AB2 lens is like looking at the world through a tall glass of PBR. It’s golden tones and slight desaturation will produce warm, rich prints rich up until last call. The Jolly Rainbo 2X Flash lights up even the dimmest of padded booths, and even compliment the glow of that swanky neon light above your head. Complete with reclaimed wood paneling from the Chicago Transit Authority, the Damen Camera Case catches the eye of even the sleepiest Blue Line commuter as you pull it from your fanny pack to capture the world in Wicker Park.

Included in the Pak:
Lucas AB2 Lens
Dunked in a fine golden brown glow, the Lucas AB2 produces amazingly rich prints.

Jolly Rainbo 2X Flash
Take Great shots even in the darkest light with this jovial strobe

Damen Camera Case
Whip out your Hipsta as you ride the Blue Line. Includes reclaimed wood paneling from the CTA.”

I will have to be sure I use this pack next time I visit a darkened bar to see how it works. I took some quick test shots in my studio of a still life just to get a feel for the colors. I will post more shots as I test out the lens with different films.

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Two Years of Through The Lava Lamp

Still life with Lava Lamp

Today is the two year anniversary of my blog. This was the first picture that I posted. I’ve learned a lot as I’ve gone along and went from just posting artwork from my Flickr page to creating tutorials and writing about other people’s artwork. What would you like to read more about?

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