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2011 in Review: Inkpad

Inkpad 2011

I started using Inkpad in March 2011 and I have fallen in love with vector drawing. I have done about 50 drawings and discover new things with each one.


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Best of 2011

During Break at MobileArtCon 2011 (taken by Helene)

2011 was an exciting year of exhibiting my work, meeting and hanging out with some great artists and creating a lot of new work. Here are some of my highlights:


I was fortunate to exhibit my work in several exciting shows, including:

The Digital Canvas, Autodesk Gallery, San Francisco, California
Art From the IPad, Austin Details, Austin, Texas
Brush with Breakfast, Noo Cafe, Leeds, UK


    Mobile Art Con 2011

I got to hang out with some of my favorite mobile artists and I learned quite a lot from the various speakers.

    Apple Store at Tice’s

I was part of David Lebowitz’ talk and demonstration at the Apple Store.

    Tweeted by Celebs


This year one of my Inkpad drawings was shared by Pee Wee Herman on Facebook and Twitter. Jon Favreau also retweeted one of my tweets with a link to my blog post about Hipstamatic’s Cowboy and Aliens pack and I got like a gazillion hits (well around 2000 but who’s counting)

    Moo Contest

I was one of the winners of a contest held by Moo over the summer and I used the prize money to get some neat stickers and cards made up of my Inkpad artwork.

    Etsy and Tumblr

Over the summer I set up my Etsy store and started a Tumblr blog. Please check them out if you haven’t already.

    Inkpad, ArtRage and Sketchbook Pro

A lot of exciting art apps have arrived and I spent the last year learning the apps and trying to get out if my comfort zone. My top three favorite apps right now are Inkpad, ArtRage and Sketchbook Pro, and I often try to combine all of them together. I am working on a series of Bombshells and Kitchy icons, along with my continued work on Julia Kay’ Portrait Party.

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Things I Love Thursday: More Moo Stickers and Mini Cards

Moo stickers

I’m really excited about the new Moo stickers and mini cards I just received in the mail this week! I’m trying out an assortment of my Inkpad images on the stickers and cards because I think my more graphic artwork works better on promotional materials. One of the things I like about Moo is that you can upload images from Flickr so you can constantly update your business cards as your portfolio changes. I also made a sticker of my self portrait with the QR code, and I was uncertain whether a smaller QR code would still work, but it does work! I will have lots of cards to give out at the upcoming Apple Store Event this Saturday and the Mobile Arts Conference at the end of the month.

I also will be putting new stickers in my Etsy store and will also include bonus stickers with all print orders, so stop by and take a look.

Mini Moo Cards

Mini Moo cards

My Self Portrait With QR code and the back of my mini cards

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Dipping My Toes Into Etsy


Over the weekend I opened my Etsy Shop “Rita Flores Art“. I had been thinking about it for quite a while and decided to stop procrastinating and just do it. I had six prints made at Blick Art Supply using their professional grade Epson printer and printed on Rives 210 Archival Artist Paper. I really like the way their prints come out because the colors are vibrant and true to my original artwork. I am “test marketing” several of my Inkpad images to see which ones will sell. I also put some of my stickers in the shop and just ordered some new ones so I will have a bigger variety soon.

Please stop by my shop and give me any feedback you can. I still have a lot of tweaking to do on the descriptions and I still need to make a banner for the shop. The first 6 print orders will receive some free stickers in their order as a special thank you!

Also, if you are interested in any images that are on my Flickr stream or this blog please contact me and I can have them printed in (almost) any size to order.


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Things I Love Thursday: Pee-wee Herman And Miss Yvonne

PeeWee And Miss Yvonne, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Last week I was inspired by the HBO Special “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” to create a portrait of Pee-wee and Miss Yvonne, the most beautiful woman in puppet land. I loved how the Playhouse was recreated from the original show from the Eighties. It brought back great memories of the Saturday morning show and the original HBO special that really introduced me to Pee-wee. I loved the kitchyness of his house, and it started me on my collection of head vases and salt and pepper shakers.

I used the Inkpad app for iPad for this picture, with a little bit of ArtRage for the paper texture. For some reason I love to draw beehive hair-dos with Inkpad, and Miss Yvonne has an exquisite beehive!


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Pee-wee Herman At Sturgis (I’m a loner Dottie…a rebel)

A painting created on my iPad using Brushes.

I created this iPad painting using one of Pee-Wee Herman’s pictures from his Facebook Fan page.  Pee-Wee was part of the Sturgis Motorcycle Ralley and was slated to participate in various charity events and host what was billed as the world’s largest “Tequila dance” to the tune of the 1958 instrumental by the Champs.   I posted this image on my Flickr page and sent it to Pee-wee Herman via twitter, who in turn posted it on his FB Fanpage.  It got like a Gazillion hits (exageration) thanks to all of his FB fans (and thank you Pee-Wee).

I had started to follow Pee-Wee Herman on Twitter and visited his new website.   I was thinking about how the Pee-Wee’s Playhouse show had influenced my artwork early on because of the bright colors, the retro/kitchy decorations, and the artwork of Gary Panter.  I realized that the outside of the Playhouse had two lava lamps as columns and wondered if that was one of the reasons I had started to like lava lamps in the first place.  How many images stay with us through out our lives without us really being cognizant of where they first came from?  What types of non-art images left a lasting impression on you and still influence your art?

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