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Hipstamatic Tintype SnapPak and 261 Update

Tinto Still life

Tinto 1884 lens and C-Type Plate Film

Hipstamatic released their new Tintype SnapPak. This Pak includes two films (one black and white and the other color) and one lens. I really like the retro feel of the different films. The developers at Hipstamatic wanted to give the photos the look of tintype photography. I can’t wait to try these out on some portraits!

Important: You need to update to Hipstamatic 261 before downloading the pak. You can read more about it on the Hipstamatic Blog.

Tinto 1884 lens and D-Type Plate Film


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Things I Love Thursday-Cool Scoops Ice Cream Parlor


We made our yearly trip to Cool Scoops ice cream parlor in Wildwood, New Jersey. This is one of our favorite places to go in Wildwood not only for the ice cream but for the walls of memorabilia. Cool Scoops is truly like a mini museum of pop-culture artifacts.

Every year that we go there are brand new things to look at. This year I was amazed by the decorations in the ladies room which included a hair dryer and a mystery date game. We also liked the Les Paul guitar that was hanging in one of the rooms. Each room has at least one item or photo that brings back happy childhood memories of toys, places or music we loved!

Hair Dryer

Open the Door to Your Mystery Date!

Les Paul guitar

The retro TV wall

Another view of the ladies room

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Go Go Amy @ Dr. Sketchy’s NYC

Go Go Amy @ Dr. Sketchy's

I had a great time drawing at Dr. Sketchy’s featuring Burlesque performer and Pin Up model Go Go Amy. This was a real “old school” Dr. Sketchy’s session without any elaborate theme, but I always feel that I get better drawings at these types of sessions. I had not been able to go to Dr. Sketchy’s for the last couple of months and I really missed it.

This was one session where I wish I was able to take photos because Go Go Amy had beautifully colored costumes. Some of the short poses at the beginning featured her flaming pasties. Go Go Amy is part of a traveling Burlesque troupe called “Pretty Things Peep Show” that travels and performs around the country. They have a KickStarter going on until April 11th to raise money for a new tour bus. If you are interested in Burlesque you should definitely check it out because they have some pretty neat incentives.

Go Go Amy @ Dr. Sketchy's

Go Go Amy @ dr. Sketchy's

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Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman: Inkpad on iPad

Lynda Carter As Wonder Woman

This is a portrait of Lynda Carter who starred in the Adventures of Wonder Woman in the 1970’s. I remember watching the show as a kid, along with Starsky and Hutch and Charlie’s Angels. I looked up Lynda Carter on Wikepedia and found that she has an album out and she still looks fabulous!

I used the Inkpad app for the initial drawing and used PicGrunger to give it the aged look. I wanted to give it a stars and stripes theme so I used the Percolator app to add the white stars. I put everything together using Sketchbook Pro on the iPad.





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Portrait of Elizabeth Taylor: Inkpad on iPad

Elizabeth Taylor

This is a portrait of Elizabeth Taylor using Inkpad and ArtRage for the paper texture. I used a minimal color palette and tried to keep the background pretty simple.


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Portrait of Arleen: Inkpad and PicGrunger on iPad


This is a portrait of Arleen Whelan using Inkpad and PicGrunger on the iPad. I’m not really familiar with her as an actress but I saw a picture of her on Tumblr and love the combination of her red hair and her emerald green dress. On Tumblr I am following several people who post pictures of vintage movie stars or cheesecake models and I find that i am using Tumblr almost like an inspiration board. You can search tags like Vintage or Illustration to find some really wonderful artwork and photos.

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Vampira: Inkpad and Sketchbook Pro on iPad


The other night I was searching for images of Elvira and came across Vampira and ended up watching lots of You Tube videos of her and reading her bio online. I had been aware of Vampira (I even have a t-shirt with her famous Plan 9 from Outer Space pose) but I really didn’t know about her history.

Maila Nurmi created the Vampira character and was the first tv horror show host. Her character was very campy and made fun of the horror movies that were featured on her show. If you are of a certain age you remember these types of shows growing up, and there were different hosts all over the country. I vaguely remember Zacherly and Wofman Jack having shows in the New York/Metro area.

I’ve found a lot of great images and videos of Vampira/Maila Nurmi, especially a quite surreal parody of the Honeymooners with Red Skelton and Peter Lorrie. There are also a lot of great interviews with her at the end of her life talking about how she created the character.

In this picture I used Inkpad on the iPad and added textures with PicGrunger and Steampunk PhotoTada. I used Sketchbook Pro to layer the textures together. I added in the skull and candles to give it a “vanitas” theme.

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