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My Interview with Nomad Brush for Autism Awareness Month


A big thanks to the fine people at Nomad Brush for posting my interview for Autism Awareness Month where I discuss how raising a son on the Autistic Spectrum has influenced the way I make art.


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Things I Love Thursday: Nomad Brushes



I’ve been using my new Nomad Brushes for about a month now and I really love the way it feels like you are actually painting on the iPad. One of the perks of registering early for the Mobile Art Con this year was that the first 50 registrants got a free Nomad Brush. The makers of the Nomad Brush were at the conference and had various sizes of the brushes available to try out. I am a very hands on type person when it comes to art supplies and I generally don’t order things on line, so I was so happy to try them out and really see how they performed on the iPad. In addition to getting the long handled brush for free, I purchased the “Mini” because I liked that it had shorter bristles. I find that when you use the brushes you can have a lighter touch than when you use a stylus. If you are an artist who paints traditionally with oils or acrylics you would love the combination of the Nomad Brush with ArtRage (shown above).


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Portrait of Kris: Sketchbook Pro and ArtRage on iPad

Portrait Of Kris For JKPP

This is a portrait for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party of Kris, one of the younger members of the group. I used Sketchbook Pro to get some of the different brush effects like the paint splatters and this neat blurred effect. I imported that into ArtRage next to get the more painterly and oil pastel effects. I used my new Nomad brush which works really well with both Sketchbook and ArtRage. You can use a lighter tough with the brush and it’s great for getting a scumbling effect.

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