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Best of 2011

During Break at MobileArtCon 2011 (taken by Helene)

2011 was an exciting year of exhibiting my work, meeting and hanging out with some great artists and creating a lot of new work. Here are some of my highlights:


I was fortunate to exhibit my work in several exciting shows, including:

The Digital Canvas, Autodesk Gallery, San Francisco, California
Art From the IPad, Austin Details, Austin, Texas
Brush with Breakfast, Noo Cafe, Leeds, UK


    Mobile Art Con 2011

I got to hang out with some of my favorite mobile artists and I learned quite a lot from the various speakers.

    Apple Store at Tice’s

I was part of David Lebowitz’ talk and demonstration at the Apple Store.

    Tweeted by Celebs


This year one of my Inkpad drawings was shared by Pee Wee Herman on Facebook and Twitter. Jon Favreau also retweeted one of my tweets with a link to my blog post about Hipstamatic’s Cowboy and Aliens pack and I got like a gazillion hits (well around 2000 but who’s counting)

    Moo Contest

I was one of the winners of a contest held by Moo over the summer and I used the prize money to get some neat stickers and cards made up of my Inkpad artwork.

    Etsy and Tumblr

Over the summer I set up my Etsy store and started a Tumblr blog. Please check them out if you haven’t already.

    Inkpad, ArtRage and Sketchbook Pro

A lot of exciting art apps have arrived and I spent the last year learning the apps and trying to get out if my comfort zone. My top three favorite apps right now are Inkpad, ArtRage and Sketchbook Pro, and I often try to combine all of them together. I am working on a series of Bombshells and Kitchy icons, along with my continued work on Julia Kay’ Portrait Party.


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Links I Love: My Guest Blog, Los Straitjackets and MobileArtCon2011

Christine Kaufmann - ArtRage Version

I’d like to send out a big thanks to Janet Vanderhoof for letting me write a guest post for her blog about how the iPad has boosted my creativity. The ArtRage painting of Christine Kaufmann is a version that I made to show how you can use multiple apps to give the artwork different looks.

Also, a belated thanks to my friend Dave’s A Life’s Work blog for using one of my Los StraitJackets Ipad paintings I did a while back. Lastly is the video for this years MobileArtCon is up on the Iamda site and YouTube and you can spot me through out wearing a Betsy Johnson dress with a colorful picture of Marilyn Monroe on the front.


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Mobile Art Con 2011: Times Square At Night

Times Square

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Things I Love Thursday: Nomad Brushes



I’ve been using my new Nomad Brushes for about a month now and I really love the way it feels like you are actually painting on the iPad. One of the perks of registering early for the Mobile Art Con this year was that the first 50 registrants got a free Nomad Brush. The makers of the Nomad Brush were at the conference and had various sizes of the brushes available to try out. I am a very hands on type person when it comes to art supplies and I generally don’t order things on line, so I was so happy to try them out and really see how they performed on the iPad. In addition to getting the long handled brush for free, I purchased the “Mini” because I liked that it had shorter bristles. I find that when you use the brushes you can have a lighter touch than when you use a stylus. If you are an artist who paints traditionally with oils or acrylics you would love the combination of the Nomad Brush with ArtRage (shown above).


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Mobile Art Con 2011: Jonathan Grauel and Fabric Lenny’s Woven Narratives

Jonathan Grauel and Fabric Lenny at MobileArtCon 2011

It’s been almost two weeks since Mobile Art Con 2011 and I’m still processing all the information from the weekend. Another highlight of the conference for me was Jonathan Grauel and Fabric Lenny’s keynote presentation on their Woven Narratives collaboration. It was really fascinating to see their creative process at work and how their work has changed and grown over the course of the year that they have been collaborating. Another amazing aspect of their collaboration is how their work has literally “jumped” from the screen with their printed work and soft sculptures exhibited in Saltaire.

Jonathan Grauel inviting the audience to create a collaborative artwork

A soft sculpture based on their artwork

If you weren’t able to make it to the conference you can still see a video of their wonderful presentation here. You can see more of their narratives here on their website. You can also see their individual sites here and here.

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Mobile Art Con 2011: iPad Exquisite Corpse Circle

MobileArtCon2011 Exquisite corpse

Exquisite Corpse painting using Brushes on iPad

One of the highlights of the Mobile Art Con was the kick off party at the Lolita Bar. In the darkened bar we created several “Exquisite Corpse” iPad paintings using each artists iPads. Each artist would start the painting off in a different app, such as Brushes, Sketchbook Pro, Adobe Ideas or ArtRage, and after about a minute or two would pass the iPad on to the next artist. I had two group artworks on my iPad, the first one using Brushes and the second using Sketchbook Pro. It was really fun, especially trying to figure out apps we’re not accustomed to using.

Exquisite Corpse Painting using Sketchbook Pro on iPad

A special thanks to Timothy Schorre for letting me use his photos from that night. I love the way our faces are illuminated by the iPads.

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MobileArtCon2011: Sketchbook Pro Drawing From David Kassan’s Master Class

Drawing From David Kassan master Class At mobileArtCon 2011

This is my drawing using Sketchbook Pro at David Kassan’s Master Class during MobileArtCon 2011. This was my first time using the Nomad Brush on the iPad.

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