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Follow Me on Instagram 

I am now on Instagram as ritafloresart. I am using this account to feature my artwork and document my art shows. Please follow me, and I will probably follow back. 


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Instagram Inspiration: @Poshadornments

This is a portrait of Heather, also known as @Poshadornments on Instagram and Twitter.  Heather makes incredible jewelry that she sells on her Etsy site and at various shows around the New Jersey/New York area.  I met Heather a couple of years ago at SketchCon and I try to buy a piece of her jewelry every time we are in a show together.  This portrait is an iPad mashup using Inkpad, Wordphoto and Sketchbook Pro on the Ipad.

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Awesome April Project

Rita Flores-awesome April -Project-art-drawing

Last week I read about Michael Nobbs’ Sustainably Creative Blog post about doing an Awesome April Project. It made me start thinking about what kind of project I could do in a short period of time. I have been participating in Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on Flickr for three years now, but I want to do something a little different. I would like to do portraits of people from Twitter and Instagram who inspire me on a daily basis. I will draw bloggers and artists, as well as some of my favorite retro models and burlesque performers. I will be drawing them on my iPad but I would also like to do a series of paintings based on the drawings. I will check in from time to time to show my progress. If you have any suggestions for portraits please leave them in the comments. I don’t think I will finish the entire project in April but it is a great jumping off point.

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Wordless Wednesday


Hipstamatic and Instagram – Taken at the Boardwalk in Wildwood

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September 5, 2012 · 7:13 pm

I Am On Instagram!


I have been on Instagram for a couple of months but I’ve just become more active and I am posting my artwork and Hipstamatic photos. You can follow me on Instagram as Ritaflores. If you would like me to follow you please add your username in the comment section. Also if you have used any sites that print Instagram photos please also add that in the comments and your experiences with it.


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Christmas in NYC and Instagram

Christmas in NYC

We always make a trip into New York to see the lights and decorations before Christmas. I was really looking forward to taking some Hipstamatic photos that day but because of the update the app was crashing without opening for a couple days. I decided to try out Instagram since I have been seeing so many people using it and posting pictures. I am not really using it to share photos yet because I already use Flickr for that. I have been trying out the filters and the blurring effect. It creates square photos like Hipstmatic but I kind of miss the element of surprise that you have with Hipstamatic, especially with the Random Shake.

The good new is that after about a week Hipstamatic released an update that fixed the bugs, but it makes me wonder what pictures I might have taken if it was working. Which photo app do you prefer, Instagram or Hipstamatic?


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