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Hipstamatic Gangster Squad FreePak

Hipstmatic GSQUAD- Gangster Squad-freepak4.jpg

GSQUAD Lens and GS-0 Film

Hipstamatic just released the Gangster Squad FreePak. Their description from their site is:

Our new Gangster Squad FreePak was inspired by the forthcoming Gangster Squad movie, set in the 1940s, starring Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, and Sean Penn as notorious mobster Mickey Cohen, with Nick Nolte and Emma Stone.

This Pak includes the GSQUAD Lens, GS-0 Film (which has a circular frame) and a virtual camera case. The FreePak is only available until December 5th so get it while you can.


GSQUAD lens and Dream Canvas Film




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Hipstamatic 225 and Wicker Park HipstaPak

Lucas ab2 test shot

Yesterday there was a Hipstamatic update and the release of the new Wicker Park Hipstapak.

The description of the pak from the Hipstamatic site is:

“Ride the Loop into your abandoned creative factory with the Wicker Park Hipstapak. This pak is perfect for those nights out clinking glasses at dimly lit, independently owned establishments. With a distinctly urban feel, the golden glow of the Lucas AB2 lens is like looking at the world through a tall glass of PBR. It’s golden tones and slight desaturation will produce warm, rich prints rich up until last call. The Jolly Rainbo 2X Flash lights up even the dimmest of padded booths, and even compliment the glow of that swanky neon light above your head. Complete with reclaimed wood paneling from the Chicago Transit Authority, the Damen Camera Case catches the eye of even the sleepiest Blue Line commuter as you pull it from your fanny pack to capture the world in Wicker Park.

Included in the Pak:
Lucas AB2 Lens
Dunked in a fine golden brown glow, the Lucas AB2 produces amazingly rich prints.

Jolly Rainbo 2X Flash
Take Great shots even in the darkest light with this jovial strobe

Damen Camera Case
Whip out your Hipsta as you ride the Blue Line. Includes reclaimed wood paneling from the CTA.”

I will have to be sure I use this pack next time I visit a darkened bar to see how it works. I took some quick test shots in my studio of a still life just to get a feel for the colors. I will post more shots as I test out the lens with different films.

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Hipstamatic Cowboys and Aliens Freepak

Matty ALN Girls

Matty ALN lens and Dali Dream Canvas

Libatique Girls

Libatique 73 lens and Ina 1969

Hipstamatic just released the Cowboys and Aliens Freepak today and I quickly tried out the two new lenses. The Matty ALN lens gives the picture a green hue and in some pictures the sky looks tie-dyed. The Libatique 73 has more of a vintage sepia tone look. You also get a neat “camera case” which has a steam punk look.

On The Horizon

Matty ALN lens and Dali Dream Canvas

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TiLT: Hipstmatic Retropak and Molly Crabapple’s Week in Hell

Still Life With Head Vases

This is a big weekend for Hipsta enthusiasts who have missed some of the limited edition paks. From June 10th through 12th the Hipstamatic Retropak One will be available and will include the coveted Salvador Dream Canvas and Lens from the Dali Hipstapack. You can read more about the various lenses and films included in Life in LoFi. The Retropak is $1.99 so get it or regret it!

I made a pledge to Molly Crabapple’s “Week of Hell” on Kickstarter this week. Her project is more than fully funded after just a couple of days and you can make a pledge to it until June 20th. She will be drawing in a hotel suite on walls covered with paper. The event will be live streamed for backers of the project. This is a great opportunity to acquire an original piece of her artwork. Backers will get pieces of the drawings cut from the walls and the sizes will correspond to the amount of the pledge. I’m looking forward to seeing the event in September.

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Looking Up To The Angels (Hipstamatic Contest Entry)

I’ve entered this photo into the Hipstamatic Dali Contest. The top 100 will be projected on the facade of the Dali Museum. You can vote for it here for the next four days by tweeting it or “liking” it on Facebook. This photo was taken using the Dali Dream Canvas film from the Dali Museum Goodpack.

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