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Hipstamatic Roses

Every once in a while I actually “stop to smell the roses” at the local supermarket, but I also love to take pictures of them with the Hipstamatic App on my iPhone.  I especially like to take pictures on the Random mode so I am pleasantly surprised by my photos.  In Random mode, you shake the phone and the “film” and “lenses” automatically change, but you are unable to see which lenses and films are being used until after the photo is processed.  It’s a fun way to get out of a rut if you end up using the same Hipstamatic combinations.


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Selfie in Black and White

Selfie -

This is a self portrait created using the Inkpad Vector Drawing app on the iPad. The thing I really love about Inkpad is that you can draw a line and adjust the thickness as you go along. It’s really like creating a fluid drawing where lines area easily bent and moved. Another great aspect of Inkpad is that I can also add layers of color over this drawing and to have the ability to work with transparency and textures.

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