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Ann Margret: Inkpad on iPad

Ann Margret

This is a portrait of Ann Margret using the vector based drawing app Inkpad on my iPad. I wanted to do a picture that was purely Inkpad without using any other apps or collage elements. I was experimenting with layers and transparency. I like to use the shadow function using a lighter color to create a glowing effect, as you see around her necklace and hair. Here is a link to an earlier portrait of Ann Margret that I created with Inkpad and PicGrunger.

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Things I Love Thursday: More Moo Stickers and Mini Cards

Moo stickers

I’m really excited about the new Moo stickers and mini cards I just received in the mail this week! I’m trying out an assortment of my Inkpad images on the stickers and cards because I think my more graphic artwork works better on promotional materials. One of the things I like about Moo is that you can upload images from Flickr so you can constantly update your business cards as your portfolio changes. I also made a sticker of my self portrait with the QR code, and I was uncertain whether a smaller QR code would still work, but it does work! I will have lots of cards to give out at the upcoming Apple Store Event this Saturday and the Mobile Arts Conference at the end of the month.

I also will be putting new stickers in my Etsy store and will also include bonus stickers with all print orders, so stop by and take a look.

Mini Moo Cards

Mini Moo cards

My Self Portrait With QR code and the back of my mini cards

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Ann-Margret: Inkpad and PicGrunger on iPad

Anne Margaret

We just watched the Who’s Tommy this week and I was thinking about Ann-Margret. One of my favorite Ann-Margret movies is Bye Bye Birdie. I used a combination of Inkpad, textured paper from ArtRage, PicGrunger and used Sketchbook Mobile to combine them all.

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