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I’m in MLove!!!


A couple of days ago I discovered I was featured on the MLove site. The post includes an Inkpad drawing of Amanda Palmer, a singer and songwriter that I have been following for some time on Twitter. Thanks so much MLove!



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Amanda Palmer: #TheatreIsEvil

Portrait of Amanda-inkpad and Picgrunger on iPad

This week I received Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Auto Orchestra’s Theater is Evil CD and book from her Kickstarter campaign. I loved slicing open the cellophane on the book/CD holder and the “new book smell”. It brought back memories of my younger days of bringing home CDs and records from the record store and opening them up anticipating the artwork and the lyrics in the inner sleeve. The book is beautifully made and filled with the lyrics and artwork that was commissioned from different artists to go with each song.


The KickStarter Bundle including a thank you card and list of concerts

I have been following Amanda Palmer for several years on Twitter (I think she was the 130th person who I followed on Twitter) and I have discovered a lot of artist through her Twitter feed. I became aware of Molly Crabapple and Dr. Sketchy because of Amanda Palmer’s Twitter, which led me to drawing with various Dr. Sketchy branches in New York and New Jersey. One Dr. Sketchy highlight for me was a session based on Neil Gaiman’s (Amanda’s Husband) Sandman which featured Stoya as Death. So you can say that Amanda Palmer’s Twitter feed has been a big influence on my art over the last two years.

Stoya as Death, Sketchbook Pro on IPad

I’ve been listening to the CD a lot over the last couple of days. It’s a great CD to draw and paint to, I will be played frequently in my studio. This is the first CD I’ve bought in maybe over a year since getting most of my music on iTunes. I also got to see the live webcast of her Webster Hall show. I am hoping to get to see her live soon because her shows look amazing.


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