Mix Tape Masterpiece


I usually don’t use the Daily Prompt for inspiration for my posts, but this one seemed like fun. While digging through my CDs (yes, I still have CDs) I found this compilation I made a while back. At one time I think I had all of these songs on vinyl or tape. Here are some other songs I would add to my mix tape in no particular order:

Velvet Underground featuring Nico – I’ll be your Mirror

David Bowie – Heroes

Robyn Hitchcock – So you think you’re in Love

Clash – Train in Vain

The Replacements – Kiss me on the Bus

Kinks – Shangri La

Strangler – Skin Deep

Nick Drake – Pink Moon

Iggy Pop – Passenger

The Pretenders – Cuban Slide

The Fratelli’s – Chelsea Dagger

If you have any song suggestions please add them in the comments.



Filed under Hipstamatic, iPhone Art, Music, photography

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